Thursday, December 15, 2016

This week

Sunday was a busy day at our house.  We hosted open house for our church and then the boys had a play that night.  The play was too cute.  Here they are in their matching shirts.  I tried to get a picture and this is what happened.  Mercy.

 Here's the cake from open house.  I usually snap lots of pictures, but this year I just didn't.  Oh well.  A good time was had by all.

After open house (and the above photo session), we headed to see the boys in a play at church.  It was so cute and a Christmas memory I will not soon forget.  The lady on the left, Debbie, puts these all together.  She is amazing.
 Later that night when we got home I stopped at our chalkboard wall.  A lot of people that came to open house signed the wall.  It makes me smile now each time I walk past it.

Because of our crazy weekend, Monday morning came quickly.  The boys were almost late to school and as I was herding them out the door, Jack said, "Andrew.  Don't you need Christmas clothes for the program?"  Yep, he did.  So, adding to an already crazy morning I headed up to school to change his clothes in a 2 foot by 2 foot space. He looked so cute and program ready.
 You can barely see Andrew at his program.  Perhaps I shouldn't have been so concerned about his clothes?!?  He is on the top row to the right of the snowflake.
 Then Tuesday night, Clayton had a choir concert.  Here he is with his 8th grade choir and then below he is pictured with the honor choir.  He is also in the pop choir, but I guess I didn't get a picture of that.
Around 4:00, he grabbed a quick shower and then calmly said from the top of the stairs, "uh Mom, do you know where my tuxedo pants are?"  At 4:15 we were headed for Kohls to search for black tuxedo pants.  No luck there.  Then we headed to JCP.  No luck there.  Please note that he had to be at the location for the concert by 5:45.  After JCP we headed to Dillards and found some black pants.  At this point it was 5:20.  We breezed through McDonalds to fuel him up, because when you are singing a concert a quarter pounder with cheese and some fries will really help you power through.  We got home just in time to change and then peeled in the parking lot at 5:44 pm.  Crisis averted.
Thank goodness I adopted the motto that "sometimes when things don't go as planned they make the best memories."  This will be a memory that we will remember for years to come.

 Wednesday morning Jack had his program at school.  He played instruments and sand and took it all very seriously.  I could just eat him up I love him so.
 You can not tell from this picture, but he is still a head taller than everyone else in his grade.

This has been the week of programs.  Special thanks goes out to my parents, aunt Janice, Mun and Fred's parents for keeping the road hot and attending every program that they can possibly attend.  Three more programs to go, but I can see the finish line for Christmas break.  WooHoo!

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