Wednesday, February 15, 2017

This week

Clayton went skiing with our youth group.  I'm pleased to report he came home happy, healthy, and in one piece. Success.

We are in the middle of basketball season.  Here's a little video of Jack playing.  He loves playing basketball and it makes my heart happy to watch him. 

Andrew decided he wanted to work out with Fred the other day.  They did a little running and a lot of talking.

Typically on Sunday afternoons I attend a yoga class with some friends.  They were unable to come, but one of my friend's sons showed up at the class.  We took a picture together to document the experience.  

Our sweet friends celebrated their birthdays (which are within a week of the other) and we kept their sweet son.  He loves bacon so I made bacon for Sunday breakfast.  Clayton was out of town so I just swapped one kid for another. 

Each Friday I go to a house that has two dogs.  Dash is VERY curious when I come home.  He follows me around like this for quite some time.  It's pretty funny. 

Speaking of Dash the Dog.  Fred sent me a text the other day asking if I ate all three breakfast cookies that were in the kitchen.  He included this photo. 

I told him I did not eat all three cookies.  He then sent me another text and photo explaining that he felt certain he found the culprit, but he wasn't wanting to talk about it. 
I filled out the paperwork for Clayton to start high school.  WHAT?!? Since when do they allow four year olds to register for preschool??
The boys were out of school last Friday...ahhh, it was glorious.  Clayton's middle school hosted a spirit night at Jumping World (a trampoline park).  I waited with my friend and listened to music that was WAY TOO LOUD while my fellas jumped until their little hearts were content. Andrew loves being around "the brothers" and their friends.  I'm pretty sure he stuck to Clayton like glue and smiled the entire time. 

 That's Jack playing basketball at the trampoline park.

Andrew had a birthday party for a classmate.  He was so sweet playing with his friends.  It's so rare that I get to see him with friends his own age.  He typically hangs with an older crowd.  

By Sunday, Andrew was kicking my kitchen cabinets and screaming because his ear was hurting so badly.  Of course all of the clinics were closed.  I kept him home from school on Monday because he was sick.  Look at that sweet fella sitting with me at the clinic.  He looks sick, doesn't he?!?  We went to the Kroger clinic and the wait was FOUR hours!! FOUR HOURS!  I made an appointment with our pediatrician and he confirmed that Andrew had a raging ear infection.  He has to take medicine twice a day.  Bless him.  As the third child he reminds me to pour his medicine.  I feel like all this training as a youngest child will grow him into a responsible adult.  At least that's what I tell myself. 

 Tuesday morning I set up a chocolate fountain for the teachers at Appling Middle School...except that the fountain part didn't quite work.  Bummer.  So, the teachers had a chocolate dip.  Whatever.  It was delicious.
 This little Valentine got in my car on Tuesday afternoon looking just precious.  I just had to take his picture.
Happy Valentine's Day from our crew!

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