Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Man, I can't keep up

We've been gone from Paris for about three years, but Jack and Bennett still miss each other.  So when Bennett's birthday rolled around we knew we had to meet in the middle for some sort of celebration...of course, Melody and I NEVER mind getting together either.  We decided to meet up at Sky Zone in Jackson so we could talk the kids could jump and celebrate.  And celebrate they did.  We finished the night off with Krystal burgers and we each headed home.  Sniff.  Sniff.  We are always sad when our time with them ends.  

 The Sunday after that Andrew was baptized. All of our family came in for the occasion and we were thrilled.

We have quite the crew surrounding us.  While I've never taken this crew for granted...the older I get, the more I appreciate them.  They love us, surround us, celebrate with us, and we are grateful.  It's because of the people in this photograph that we are where we are today. 

We had lunch afterwards and my man in the middle helped himself to a brownie right out of the middle.  I laughed.  He's a funny guy. 

 Several days later, Andrew came down with a stomach virus.  If you know me, you know I loathe a stomach virus.  In fact, I'd rather eat dirt and die than have a stomach virus.  This one was no exception. Andrew started Thursday and by Friday, I had it.  It's the worst.  The worst.  Thankfully, we were the only two victims.

 Fred goes into full on haz-mat mode.  Any time he came into our bedroom, this is how he looked.  I was quarantined to the bedroom and would just text him if I needed something.  Ahhh, text messaging.  How did we survive stomach viruses before that?!?
 Dash the Dog was very concerned about me and became my ever faithful companion.  He stayed by my side for days.  I'm pretty sure he liked me laying around, but whatever.  It was pretty much me, Andrew and Dash hanging in my bedroom for several days.  Good times...minus the stomach virus.
 As I mentioned, Dash was very concerned about me.  His need for personal space is not as great as mine.  He really wanted to check on me and be vigilant.  He was up for the task.  I was a little unsure.
 This was my view...bed to couch...couch to bed...bed to couch...and repeat for 36 hours.

I'm not sure what Clayton was wanting, but several days after I was sick I came into the kitchen to this note on the wall.  Well if that's not the sweetest thing you've ever seen?!?  He also came in from school and told me I looked like I needed a hug.  He was right.  I did need a hug.  And he gave me one.

At dinner one night we were just sitting around the table.  I asked the boys a question, "If you could meet with anyone for 10 minutes, past or present, who would it be?"
This was the answer: 

Clayton and Jack spoke simultaneously:
Clayton: Jesus
Jack: Steph Curry
Jack, upon hearing Clayton:  I'm just kidding. 
Jack: Mark Gasol

I laughed until I almost fell out of my chair.  

It is so rare that we have a night at home that I took a picture.  It was leftover night and everyone was just helping themselves, but I think these are the days and the moments I will want to remember.  

The night we were all home, we played several games of basketball outside with our boys and several neighbor boys.  We had the best time.  In fact, we played until it was dark.  Then Andrew suggested ice cream.  Who am I to turn down ice cream?!?  Of course we went!

I get up each morning to read my Bible and spend a little time in prayer.  One morning I woke up and it was storming.  I love a good early morning storm.  However, Dash does not share my affection for storms.  The 50 lbs. dog turned into a lap dog as he jumped up in the chair with me.  Funny dog.
 I don't get Starbucks very often, but when I do, it's going to be really good!  This iced coffee is great.  I'm pretty sure I didn't sleep that night because of all the caffeine.  Worth it.

We finished up basketball around here.  Jack's team remained undefeated.  He was pumped about the game.  They almost didn't win, but in the end they were victorious.
 Mimi and Tee came in for the game.  They made it around the third quarter.  Jack was not having the best game, but when he saw my dad it was just what he needed.  Those two are birds of a feather.

 Clayton had a game after Jack's.  It started in the middle of the night...8:00 pm.  What in the world??  Who starts playing basketball at 8:00 pm?!?
 Fred and Renee came for both games too.  We always have a cheering squad with us.  Basketball is over just in time for Andrew and Clayton to start soccer and Jack to start in another basketball league.
 I got crafty.  I know it doesn't really warrant a picture, but I got crafty.  That never happens.

I do yoga several times a week.  When I do it in the living room, Dash thinks it's a team sport.  It's not.

Speaking of yoga...I played around with it one morning while all the boys were gone and took a picture outside.  What you need to know is that when I started yoga several months ago, I could not touch my toes.  I was a sight.  It's been fun to see my progress.  I can tell I'm so much stronger and flexible.  I just love it. 

Fred preached at Union this week.  Mun, Janice, Mimi, Renee, Fred, Elzie, Francis, and Billy (Fred's roommate/our friend) all came.  It was a really good time.  The boys wanted to come as well. I'm sure it was so they could skip school, but whatever.  It was a fun family day.  
If someone had tapped me on the shoulder at 18 and told that 20 years later I would be sitting in this chapel listening to my husband preach surrounded by not one, not two, but three sweet boys I never would have believed them.  To say that this moment was surreal is a gross understatement. 

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Happy birthday to Bennett and welcome to Andrew.
Ah, happy to see everyone having a good time. We need this kind of good vibes today.