Friday, April 14, 2017

Crazy March and Beginning of April

It's been a crazy March and April seems like it's going to be just a crazy.  I haven't counted how many practices and games we will be attending.  I do better to just take things as they come.  But, when three boys are all playing on different teams in different's a bit of a crazy time.

Here's a little catch up...

I don't know why these pictures are sideways, but whatever...moving on.  Fred ran Ragnar again with a great group of guys.  He ran from Chattanooga to Nashville.  We are super proud of him.

 Fred sent me this picture of him wearing socks and sandals.  I could not have been more proud.  Ha!

We really try to encourage the boys to help out around the house.  They have helped with cleaning the house for several years, but now we've moved into the kitchen to help prepare dinner.  Clayton made burgers, guacamole, and cookies.  Jack made cookies the other night.  
 Then it was his turn to make dinner.  He chose to make french toast, scrambled eggs, and sausage.  Right now they are making dinner once a month, I'm really thinking we could move to once a week.
 They have to clean the kitchen after they cook.  Right now they are even smiling about it.  I have a plan to get my daughters in law to like me.  This is all part of that plan.

We had a ladies lunch at church and my sweet friend, Elissa, spoke.  Some of my sweet friends came with me too.  It was a fun day. 

My parents went on a trip and part of that was to see her best friend, Annette.  Annette sent home this cake for me.  When I say cake, what I meant to say was the most delicious cake I've ever eaten and I've dreamed about it since that day. 
 Jack participated in Bible drill at our church one Sunday afternoon.  The entire gang came to watch.
My friend, Becca, came to Memphis for a Grizzlies game.  They were passing out these Z Bo ball players and she sent it home with me because she knows of Andrew's affection for a stuffed anything.  She was correct.  He was thrilled. 
 Then we went to our favorite ice cream shop.  Andrew was thrilled with this as well.  So thrilled, in fact, that he ate my ice cream.
 One other thing Andrew loves...a sleeveless shirt.  I think it's safe to say that this spring has been a winning season for Andrew.

Jack is playing basketball on a team this spring.  There are two Jack's on the team and our Jack is known as "Big Jack".  He grins every time they call his name. 

 The gang came for this one as well.  As you can see, Andrew had a game that morning.

The next weekend Jack had Bible drill and the gang was back together.  What would we do without all these people around us cheering us on?!?

Jack has a science fair project that was just assigned.  Don't get me started on science fair projects. They are the worst.  
 Well, at least I think they are the worst.  Jack and his buddy thought it was pretty fun. I still maintain that science fair projects are the worst.

The boys went to Jackson for Good Friday.  It just happened to be Mun's birthday.  Jack made her pancakes for her birthday.  

While the boys were gone, we went out for dinner on Thursday night at Bounty of Broad.  

Then hiked at Shelby Farms with Dash on Friday morning.  

 I'm pretty sure Dash will sleep until Monday.

We took Dash home and then headed to Pizza Social to meet our friends to try it out.  We gave it 10 thumbs up.  

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Lux G. said...

Any month of the year, you guys are having the time of your life.