Tuesday, May 16, 2017

We're Getting Close...

Well here we are right smack in the middle of May-hem.  This time of year is crazy for us.  But life still goes on.  The boys still fight and make up and apparently, you can't ask for forgiveness without jumping of top of your brother. Whatever works.  Just get along.  That's my motto.

Andrew and Jack have had field day.  For some reason I did not get pictures of Andrew's field day.  I did manage to get a few at Jack's field day.  Jack REALLY enjoys a field day.  In fact, he took 1st place in the football throw for the third year in a row.  He was pretty pumped.  

Having said that, Jack's class was not quite feeling field day like he was.  At Jack's school they keep up with cumulative totals and declare a winner at the end of field day.  Jack was really hoping to take home the 1st place class prize, but they came up short.  After a heart-breaking defeat in tug of war, Jack had to face the reality that his classmates were not "in it to win it" quite like he was.  He told me, "It's as if they are just out here to have fun.  Don't they know we need to win??"  Bless him.

Here he is when the tug of war competition began...so full of hope and optimism.  Believe me, this was not the case when the event was over.

I've been doing yoga for the past year.  I was going to our gym, but I've found some great videos on YouTube so I've just been doing them at home.  Dash likes to participate most days.  When I get on the floor he thinks I'm there to play.  Good times. 

Sweet Andrew had to go for a eye doctor appointment last week.  In fact, everyone had got to go because we were staying out on that side of town for Renee's birthday dinner.  When we sat down in the waiting room, Andrew put his arm around my shoulder.  It was just precious.  I tried to get a picture before he noticed, but I was unsuccessful.  You can still see his sweet little hand on my shoulder though.  Melt my heart. 

Then on Friday, Andrew and I went to get his glasses.  Just the two of us went, which is rare.  He told me on the way to Costco, "Mom, this is like a Mother's Day present for you because you are getting to spend time with me.  In fact, you don't really need a present now.  This could just be your present.  Isn't that all a mother wants...to spend time with her son's?  Well, I guess really all she needs is God.  So, yeah, this time together is a great present." 
Dear Andrew, 
I like flowers and chocolate and I have an Amazon gift list.  You have a lot to learn about women and I feel like I may have failed you as your mother, but this time together is really special.  
Love, Mom

Jack and Andrew's school had a 5K.  He ran it in less than 30 minutes.  I won Mom of the Year at the 5K.  Fred was at a wedding so I had all three boys by myself.  I knew Jack was going to run it and I wanted to see him finish the race.  Clayton was volunteering in the food tent.  So, I convinced Andrew to volunteer in the food tent with me and Clayton.  He reluctantly agreed.  When we got there we discovered that Andrew could not help in the food tent because of his age.  Cue the tears.  We did not have proper shoes or clothes so we just stood around while everyone started the race.  Cue the tears.  Andrew's teacher saved the day.  Her job was to pass out medals, so she let Andrew help her.  Our tears were turned into joy and Andrew proclaimed that this 5K was "the best night ever".  Victory.

Saturday we had 17 ballgames...okay, not 17.  But all three boys had games.  That afternoon we headed down to The Greek Festival with our friends, the Moulders.  We had a blast!  
Last year, on Mother's day weekend, I went the Greek Festival with Andrew.  I bought a loaf of Greek sweet bread, only to discover the next morning that Dash ate it.  Let me rephrase that...Dash ate the entire loaf of sweet bread.  The.whole.thing.  So, this year I really wanted a loaf of bread.  When we got to the festival though, they were all out. I stood in line with the hopes that one would appear, but to no avail...until...until I pulled out my money to pay.  As I was standing there paying a sweet lady walked in from outside with a loaf of the coveted Greek sweet bread.  I asked her if that loaf was for sale and she said, "Yes, it's all yours if you want it." Do I want it?!?  I've been waiting for a YEAR to try this bread and it did not disappoint.  Mercy, it was good.  We also got some delicious Greek pastries.  

Andrew got a tattoo, because he LOVES a tattoo...always has.  

Three funny things happened while we were at the Greek Festival.

1.  Andrew had to go to the restroom, but the ladies line was too long so he went into the men's restroom by himself.  This always makes me a little nervous, but I sent him in while I waited in the ladies room.  I got nervous waiting so I just went outside to wait for him.  When I didn't see him right away I asked a man standing by the restroom door if he had seen a little boy with dark hair walk out of the restroom.  He said, "Hmmm, a boy with dark hair at the Greek Festival? That narrows things down."

2.  The Greek Orthodox Church, where the festival was held, offered tours of their sanctuary.  Being the nerd that I am, I attended one of the tours.  It was awesome.  However, our entire party joined me, including all 5 children.  While sitting on the all wood pew, Andrew passed gas.  Loudly.  It caught him and everyone sitting around him off guard.  I almost fell of said wooden pew because I was trying not to laugh out loud.  Do you know how difficult it is to stifle a laugh when you are in a quiet atmosphere and Father Michael is talking about stained glass windows?!?  It's pretty difficult.

3.  There was food everywhere at the Greek Festival, so, naturally, the boys opted for pizza.  We bought them all a piece.  Andrew only ate about a third of his slice.  I offered it to our friend, Benjamin.  Right as he was taking a bite, Jack leaned over and whispered, "Andrew doesn't wash his hands."  Speaking of almost falling off the pew...

Mother's Day was Sunday so we celebrated by going to church.  Then after church we went to Mun and Janice's house where Janice fixed a feast.  We got to visit for a bit and then headed back to Memphis to celebrate with the Shackelfords.

Around Mother's day we were talking about all the women in the life of our family.  The conversation turned to my grandmother, Mun.  She went to Honduras for several years to serve on a medical mission team.  Now Clayton is going to Honduras and she loves to help support him.  Clayton said, "When Mun turns 100, I think we should take her back to Honduras."  Everyone was in agreement until Jack spoke up and said, "No, I think when Mun turn 100, she should go skydiving." I'll keep you posted on her decision. 

I mentioned May-hem in the beginning.  We are smack in the middle of the craziest time of year, but I can almost see the finish line.  In between us and the finish line: 

2 awards day programs
1 field day
3 soccer games
1 soccer celebration 
5 teacher appreciation gifts
1 choir concert
1 (or 3) basketball games
1 8th grade graduation
1 8th grade formal
1 choir banquet

And then just life, but I can see the finish line and we're running at it with everything we've got!! 7 1/2 days if anyone is counting and, believe me, we are!

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