Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Andrew had his final Manner's Club of the year.  They celebrated at Coletta's (a fancy Italian restaurant) with a formal dinner where they could show off all their newly acquired manners. He told me he only "failed at a couple of the manners."  Ha!  I'm not really sure what that means, but I know he had a blast!

My grandmother, Mun, flew in from Minneapolis after taking care of my aunt and uncle.  My parents drove to Memphis to pick her up.  Lucky for me, we were able to meet up for lunch before they headed home.  Best Tuesday ever!

 One morning I set out my yoga mat to get a little bit in.  When I turned around Dash was lounging on my mat. Clearly, we have two different ideas about how this was going to go down.
 Later that week, Clayton and I left for a choir trip to Atlanta.  We had to be at school at 5:30 am.  Our bus was very swanky, complete with the morning news and wifi.  I was able to sip coffee and watch the morning news.  It was glorious.  Oh, did I mention that in the first 20 minutes of the trip...before 6:00 am...some of the girls on the trip had broken out into song about 5 times.  Oh dear...Ha!
 Our first stop was for lunch.  Of course four middle school boys chose McDonald's.  It just made me remember my friends that we used to do story hour with.  I don't think I've had McDonald's since we stopped story hour.
 Our first stop in Atlanta was the Coke Museum.  It was thoroughly enjoyed by all the boys.

 Oh the joys of taking pictures with four middle school boys.  They are the best.
 Then we went to The Varsity for dinner.  Since I had McD for lunch I was not feeling a burger and fries for lunch.  So, I had a chicken salad sandwich for dinner...and it was actually REALLY good.  The fact that I couldn't eat fries twice in one day just proves to me that I'm getting old.

 Saturday morning we were up and ready for the competition by 7:30.  Look at those sweet fellas.
 Here they are with their fearless leader.  We just love Mr. Mack.
 Loaded and headed out...

 Again, silly fellas.  They were supposed to be serious.  Nope.  Not happening.
 After the competition, we headed to Six Flags.  After all the food from the day before, I decided to eat steamed vegetables for lunch at Six Flags for $11.50.  Those were some delicious mixed veggies...worth about $1.
 Clayton and another girl received the award for the choir.  They received 1st place and excellent ratings.  They were all really excited.

 Later the sweet fellas rode rides.  Here they are on the Batman.

They were hoping to ride the Dare Devil.  They waited for over an hour.  Mr. Mack, according to tradition, always rides the roller coasters with the 8th graders.  After waiting for the Dare Devil for an hour, Mr. Mack was able to ride the ride.  Clayton and his buddies sat down on the ride, pulled the safety bar down, and then were told to get off the ride. They were closing the ride because of weather.  Bless them.  They were so disappointed.  I felt so bad for them. 

Sunday morning we checked out of our hotel and then headed to the Georgia Aquarium. It was so nice. 

We even got to see a Dolphin show. The show only made me feel bad about myself as an animal.  Seriously, they can get these dolphins to do all these things, but I can't even get Dash to come when I call his name.  Oh dear...

We really had the best trip.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to spend the weekend with these boys. Middle schoolers really get a bad reputation, but they really are a delight.  A delight.  

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