Monday, September 14, 2009

Story Hour Begins

Today was the first day of story hour. Jack has been so excited, but once we got there he put on his serious face. At the beginning of every year Mrs. Donna arranges for all of us to ride a school bus. I told Jack we would be doing this and he has been beside himself. Toward the end of the bus ride he gave a big smile. I think it's the biggest smile I've seen from him while at story hour!

After we finished story hour we headed to McDonald's with several of our friends. One of our friends, Lee, from last year started preschool this year so he does not get to come to story hour anymore. Lee and his mom Stacy came into McDonald's to meet us for lunch and Lee had on a new shirt...I'm a big brother!! The Hayes are having a baby!!!!!!!!! We are so excited for them! Andrew needs a playmate!!