Sunday, September 20, 2009

Full Circle

Fred is serving this year as the president of West Tennessee Pastors' Conference. So what does the above picture have to do with that you may be asking?!? Well, Jerry Tidwell is the liaison for Union University to West Tennessee pastors. He and his wife, Kathy, served at my home church when I was in a teenager. Last week Union hosted a banquet for West Tennessee pastors and their wives and Mrs. Kathy (as we still call her) was there...see, full circle!
You see, Kathy was our Sunday School teacher for several years. She and Jerry made such an impact on my life along with the group of girls I hung( still hang) out with. It was great seeing her again and just catching up! It was also a blessing on the way home to think over memories of our times together. Seeing her reminded me that God places specific people in our lives for specific reasons. It is not difficult to see why God chose to put her in my path!

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