Saturday, September 26, 2009

My helper

Jack has always been my helper, but today he said something that just melted my heart. Fred moved the fridge for me so I could clean underneath it...I know, I think I might be nesting!?! There was a sticky spot under it so I had to pull out some cleaning products. Jack was right by my side saying his usual..."I wanna be you helper." I let him spray the cleaner. Sometimes I ask him if I can have a turn with the spray bottle and this is the conversation that occurred...

Me: Jack, can mommy have a turn?
Jack: Sure
Me: Thanks bud. I love you.
Jack: That's okay mommy. You my girl. (said with the sweetest grin you have ever seen!)

I'm glad to know I'm his girl. I hope it lasts for a LONG time!


Fred and Renee said...

Well, one of these days when he gets himself another girl - i just hope she is as sweet as the girl my little boy got. :-) Love you.

Dan and Tami said...

Awww, that's too cute!