Thursday, October 29, 2009

Andrew's Home!

After a few short days at the hospital we left Wednesday morning around 10:30. We drove the two miles home and were greeted by one of the most excited boys you have ever seen!
Jack was waiting at the screen door when we pulled up in the carport. He shouted, "Mommy, You home!! Do you have baby Andrew wiff you?!?"
Clayton had his fall party that afternoon so he arrived home a little later. He came running through the house and said, "Where is he?? I want to hold him!!" After he washed his hands and changed his shirt he got right to it!
After a few hours of all of us being home together we had a birthday party for Andrew (thanks Beth for the idea!). The boys and Janice made a cake and they also decorated a pumpkin for the celebration.
Clayton is on Fall Break so he and Jack loaded up and headed to Jackson for a few days. They will go to Memphis Saturday and be back Sunday. Fred and I are really enjoying this time together to get to know Andrew. The above picture was taken today. It's a little fuzzy, but you still can get the general idea of how precious he is!!


mundayseven said...

Congratulations!!! We are so excited for you guys.

Dan and Tami said...

Jennifer, you look great! Andrew is precious! I'm so glad the adjusting period is going well!

HayesFamilyHappenings said...

He is just delicious! I can't wait to see him in person.

Erica said...

Love the pictures!! Keep them coming!!