Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Big Brother Party

Our good friends, the Minors and the Harrods, hosted a fabolous party Friday night in honor of Clayton and Jack. It was called a Big Brother BBQ. We invited several friends and our families and celebrated late into the night. If Christy and Beth ever quit their day jobs they would be great party planners!! Every detail was thought through and carried out! My boys (and me and Fred) could not have possibly been more excited!

Christy and Beth had games planned: tasting baby food and guessing what it was, changing a baby diaper and scratch off cards! Clayton and Jack were surprisingly good at changing the diaper...a little rough, but good!

Everyone brought presents for the boys and they were thrilled! It was like Christmas morning!! Melody made both of the boys big brother t-shirts.
Beth and Christy used all the kiddos fingerprints to make this precious picture. I could not have been more surprised!! Priceless!!
We even had delicious cake, not to mention quite the spread of Clifty Farms ribs and BBQ, beans, casseroles and on and on...
As you can see from all the pictures Clayton did not stop smiling all night! Saturday morning when he woke up he asked my mother in-law the sweetest thing. He said, "Was that a dream last night? Because it was so awesome!!" I couldn't agree more!!


Fred and Renee said...

It was awesome. Thanks for including all of us. We had a great time. Fred is still talking about how good the Clifty Farms ribs are. They were the best I have ever had. Beth and Christy - great job.

mundayseven said...

What a fun idea! I am so excited for you guys and looking forward to seeing pics on your blog of your new little guy when he arrives. :)