Thursday, March 25, 2010

March Madness with NAIA

Last week the NAIA tournament came to Jackson. Jack, Andrew and I had the opportunity to go on Friday. Janice and Mun "camp out" at Oman arena for the few days that the tournament is in town. We don't even bother calling their house because we know they won't be there. We all had the best time watching the games. Union ended up winning the championship game on Tuesday!! While we were at the games Jack wanted to move all around. You can see him below with Janice. He asked to move and of course she took him!!

This picture is dark, but they were at the very top of the arena.

My dear friend Becca works for West Tennessee Health Care. Each year, as part of her job, she has the privilege of hosting a team that is in town for the tournament (lucky girls!!) Fortunately for us we usually get to visit with her while we are in town. We always have such a good time! Thanks Mun and Janice for a great time at the tournament!

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