Saturday, March 6, 2010

Clayton's Spring Picture (taken in February)

Each year at school Clayton has a Fall picture, class picture and a Spring picture made. And every time he has a picture taken I tell myself I'm not going to buy it, but every time he comes home with a picture like the above. Precious, right? Before you judge me for not buying all his pictures please know that the cheapest package is $23 and the class picture is $12. Do the math with me, three boys, three picture a year...$174 a year on pictures (and that doesn't include sporting team pictures)!! If I buy for Clayton I'll have to buy for Jack and Andrew. I really don't want to hear from Andrew, "Clayton has all these school pictures. Where are mine?" Yes, I realize I could just buy one, scan it in and make copies, but I have an ethical problem with that. What to do, what to do?!? For now you'll have to settle with Clayton's conversation with me about his picture...

Clayton: (VERY serious!!) Mom, do you think my picture was taken inside or outside??

Me: (knowing the answer was not outside) Outside?

Clayton: (still very serious...) No! It was taken inside. Can you believe it?? It looks like I'm outside though, doesn't it?!? Neat, huh?

Me: Awesome, son, awesome.

Funny fella.

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Fred and Renee said...

It is such a cute picture, but the conversation is even cuter. Yes you don't want to hear Andrew say (when he is looking for baby or other pictures for his senior annual) that there are pictures of everyone else and not him. Trust me - I know - it makes you feel like a lousy mom. But then again - you get over it. I have never been one to hold onto guilt too long. :-)