Sunday, August 29, 2010

Out trip to Chicagoland

We headed out of Paris around noon on Thursday afternoon in a rented Chevrolet Malibu...yes, a Malibu--our van was in the shop. Our destination was eight hours away in Chicago. My cousin was getting married. We took our time getting there and actually the first five hours were heaven. We even stopped for a leisurely dinner at Outback. After we left Outback our trip took a turn. We got stuck in traffic and didn't move a mile in one hour!! Stuck! I made an illegal u-turn (to which Clayton is still worried about) to get us out. Fred said it is not illegal if you are stuck in traffic. I haven't read that rule so I'm really not sure. Thankfully he had his computer and we were able to pull up google maps to view traffic. Who knew traffic could be backed up at 11:00 at night?!? We finally arrived at 12:30 Friday morning. Andrew cried the last four hours of the trip and then wouldn't go to sleep in the motel room. He was up till 3:00 a.m. It was a nightmare, but Friday morning when the big boys got up I knew things had turned around. We headed to Lego Land and Clayton put it best..."It was awesomer than I thought it would be!!"

Note the guy walking through our picture. That is a two story tall giraffe made of Legos. They even had two movie theaters. We chose the 4-D movie. Clayton and Jack both said it was the BEST movie EVER!!
They had a ride inside the museum. It was awesome!
Our favorite!! Clayton had birthday money that he's been waiting to spend and he was so excited!!
After we left Lego Land we headed to Navy Pier. It took us a while to get there due to traffic. Once we got there it was $24 to park. My dad let us out and drove around while we went to ride the ferris wheel. It was $30 for all of us to ride and there was a long line...we passed, but at least we saw it, right?!?
After that we headed to the rehearsal dinner and then the following day we went to the wedding. Sad to say, but I have no pictures from either event. Thanks to Ben, Becky, Gene and Leeta for the opportunity to spend some time together in Chicago!!

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