Monday, August 9, 2010

Five on Friday (a day late)

1. Fred is competing in an olympic distance triathlon--1 mile open water swim, 25 mile bike and a 6.2 run. We all came to Evansville, Indiana to support him. He's going to do great!

2. We are looking for a vehicle to replace our van. I loathe/despise/detest spending money.

3. Clayton started school last week. He has done really well. His teacher sent me a note home that said I have the most honest child. I'm a little nervous as to what he's been so honest about...

4. Jack asked me what we were doing Sunday. I told him we were going to church.
Jack: Yes!! I love church!!
Me: (Heart skipping a beat and thinking thank you Jesus) That's great bud, so do I.
Jack: I know. I get candy AND snacks in my class! I love it!

5. Andrew had his nine month pictures taken Thursday. They turned out precious. Thanks Liz! To view them click here, enter her blog and scroll down.

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