Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Fred!

Wednesday was Fred's 33rd birthday!! Since his birthday was on a Wednesday we didn't get to do too much celebrating, but we did all get to go to Dairy Delight with Jerry and Patsy! We even had a cake to celebrate!
Knowing that his actual birthday was on a Wednesday we went to dinner at Paris Landing for Crazy Chicken night (on Tuesday) as a special treat. We had a really good time! If you're ever in Paris on a Tuesday night give us a call and we'll meet up for a crazy night with a lot of chicken!!
On a side note...I asked Jack a few days before Fred's birthday about the kind of cake we should make Dad/Fred, meaning chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, etc. Jack quickly responded with the following: the Hulk, yes the Hulk. He'll like that!

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