Friday, November 26, 2010

Five on Friday

1.  Fred worked really hard this week to get all his church work done so we could head out of town.  He was pleasantly surprised to get it done! 
2.  Clayton has outgrown his dress pants.  I hesitantly ordered them on Old Navy last week, thinking they might go on sale on black Friday.  Last week I paid $14.50.  Today they are on sale for $14. I think I'll return them to save the difference...hahaha!!   
3.  Clayton loves math.  He has taught himself how to multiply and divide.  This week he asked me "what that funny sign was that looked like a division symbol, but had a check mark on the front".  I told him that was a square root sign and then explained how to do it.  I never thought I'd have a conversation with my seven year old about square roots.
4.  We went to McDonald's for breakfast with my parents this week. Jack got the big breakfast: three pancakes, sausage, biscuit and eggs.  He ate most of it and then told me 2 hours later he was hungry.  (He doesn't eat like that often,but the boy loves breakfast food!) 
5.  Our children seem to know when it's a holiday and all doctor's offices will be closed.  Andrew has not been feeling well for most of the week.  Wednesday night at 5:01 p.m.(right when all things were closing) he ran a fever of 102.1.  Needless to say we headed to Convenient Care in Jackson.  He is feeling better today.  Finally.

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