Thursday, November 11, 2010

Five on Friday

1. Fred attended Tennessee Baptist Convention in Knoxville this week. While he was there he took a short drive up to Kingsport and purchased a third row for our station wagon. He is now trying to figure out how to install it!
2. Elizabeth took our picture several weeks ago. I finally got my order together. I'm really excited to update all the pictures in my house.
3. Clayton's teacher told me this week that he is really excelling in math. On his own he has taught himself how to multiply. He takes tests at school and I get email updates each time regarding his accuracy and time. He is up to his 7's.
4. When Fred is out of town the boys get to sleep with me. It is always exciting for them. After several nights of this I discovered that Jack talks in his sleep all night. He was sitting up and talking...sound asleep. He likes to sleep with Clayton b/c he says "he has bad dreams" if he doesn't sleep with him. I believe him now.
5. We think Andrew has a temper. He will sit on the floor, cry and put his head down if he doesn't get his way. I've never seen anything like it.

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HayesFamilyHappenings said...

I loved everything except #5. I'm not sure I believe you. I have never seen Andrew NOT smiling!