Thursday, September 22, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  Last week Fred got to participate in a 60 mile bike ride.  He rode from Paris Landing State Park to Clarksville, TN.  That's a LONG way!  
2.  My friend and I have had a consignment sale twice, once last spring and once last week.  Somehow I got behind on laundry.  I literally did 11 loads of laundry Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  When it came time to put them up I didn't just want to put them up.  I wanted to switch out their closets for the season.  I had a mess.  It took 5 days to get it all back to "normal"...whatever that is.  Ahhhhh, my mind is at peace knowing it is all organized.  I think I may just go look at their closets and smile.  Yes, I'm weird like that. 
3.  As a challenge Clayton gets to pick his spelling list each week at school.  He has to know how to spell them, tell the definition and use it in a sentence. Here are just a few of the words he's picked:  aurora borealis, fiend, hieroglyphics, archeology, insignificant, and name a few.   For the record my list would have looked like this:  cat, bat, ball, at, and the. 
4.  This week at the table I asked Fred to please get up and grab something.  (After all, I had already been up 15 times in the first 5 minutes of dinner!!)  Clayton jumped up quickly and said, "I'll do it!"  I looked at Fred and jokingly said, "Now, that's why we had kids!"  To which Jack responded, "I thought you were just bored.  Weren't you bored before you had us?!?"  Yes son, we were bored before you all came along...bored. 
5.  It is very rare that we have donuts in this house, but Thursday morning I had a couple of packages of donuts.  I split them between the boys.  I only had 8 (little powdered) so I gave Clayton and Jack 3 and Andrew got 2 donuts and a pumpkin muffin.  I left Andrew at the table to eat.  When I came back Andrew and Jack had 3 donuts and Clayton had a half eaten pumpkin muffin and only 2 donuts.  Sneaky little fella!

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