Friday, September 2, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  Fred had 15 miles to run one day this week.  After completing 9 miles he remembered he had a meeting.  Thankfully (for Fred, not for the others in the meeting), Fred was right beside the location of his meeting.  He was able to stay and then he ran the remaining 6 miles.
2.  This groups of gals is getting together over Labor Day weekend.  I could not be more excited!!  My mom has slice and bake cookies with icing and popcorn cake awaiting our arrival!  

3. Flag football practice has started for Upwards.  Clayton loves it!  Fred is his coach and says is pretty good at running and catching.  Maybe some day his younger brother will block for him while he gets down the field to carry the ball into the end zone?!?  (Jack is also playing and LOVES it!)
4.  Paris has a kids swim team called the Paris Piranhas.  We are letting Clayton participate, but we were unsure about Jack.  He had to be able to swim the length of the pool, which he did beautifully.  He will ride the bus to Clayton's school and practice every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.
5.  Each day in the car on our way to get Clayton at school Jack and I review his sight words for school.  I noticed Andrew the other day picking up the cards and "reading" as well.  He got the first one right by reading the word "like".  I thought he was a genius, then I noticed every other card was "like" as well.  Oh well, he gets points for creativity!  

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