Friday, November 11, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  Fred ran 20 miles for his training for St. Jude Thursday morning.  If you would like to give to St. Jude for him you can donate by clicking here.   
2.   I bought a 50 lbs. bag of whole wheat flour today.  I divide it up and freeze it in smaller bags.  As I was dividing it up I was secretly wishing I had my own mill so I could have fresh ground flour.  Maybe someday...
3.  Clayton has rocked some reading tests this week.  A friend in his class asked him how smart he was and Clayton's reply was that "God made him that way and being smart was a gift."  Maybe he has been listening all this time?!?
4.  Jack has been pretty grumpy this week.  Jack...grumpy?!?  Yes, he has been.  I know.  I can't believe it either.  I'm sure next week will be better. 
5.  Andrew went home with Fred's mom this week.  While he was gone Fred skyped with him.  When Andrew saw Fred he ran to the front door to look for Fred.  When he couldn't find Fred at the door he came back to the phone and said, "Hold you daddy, hold you."  Renee would not allow us to skype with him anymore. 

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