Thursday, November 17, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  This has been a pretty big week around the Shackelford house.  Fred was elected president of our state convention Tuesday.   Pretty big news in our world.  The picture above is the president of our alma mater (Union University) presenting him with a framed certificate.  You can view the story by clicking here.
2.  I got to go with Fred this week to Hendersonville to Tennessee Baptist Convention meetings.  I had a blast!  I got to meet people that I've heard about for years.  I also got to catch up with a friend while she waited for her breakfast. What a treat!  It all seems surreal.   
3.  Clayton thought Fred was elected president of the United States this week.  He was a little disappointed when Janice told him Fred was going to be the president of Tennessee Baptist Convention, not the United States.  Apparently our children have very high standards and expectations for us. 
4.  Janice was here this week while we were gone.  (WooHoo!  What would we do without her!?!)  I had a talk with the big boys about being her helper while we were away.  She was washing the dishes.  Jack walked up to her and asked her if she needed any help because according to Jack, "My mom told me to help you, even if you are washing the dishes."
5.  As mentioned above, Janice was here with the boys while we were gone.  She watched the live streaming of Fred's election on the computer.  Andrew was in her lap.  When he saw Fred on the computer he reached out and tried to touch him.  Sweet.

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