Saturday, December 10, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  Fred's sister had her baby this week.  Everyone is healthy and doing well.  We can't wait to meet him. (Fred's brother took the picture below.)  Isn't Eli Samuel Wiggs precious?!?

2. With Baby Eli being born I thought I might be able to convince Andrew to give the baby his pappap.  I asked him if he wanted to give Baby Eli his pappap, since babies need pappaps and big boys don't.  He looked at my like I was crazy and said without hesitation..."No!"  I guess we'll keep trying. 
3.  Clayton is still picking his spelling words.  One of the words he picked this week was daguerreotype.  I don't know what that is, nor do I know how to pronounce it.  (It really made calling his word list difficult).  He got it correct on his test though and knows what it means.  I'll have to google it soon to figure it out.
4.  I worked at Jack's school Friday.  I had to run an errand, but I told Jack I'd eat lunch with him at 12:15.  The problem that I soon figured out is that Jack eats at 11:50.  I walked in with 10 minutes left in lunch.  He grinned really big and I told him how sorry I was.  Tears were stinging my eyes because I felt so bad about letting him down.  He never quit smiling though.  Thankfully, his teacher understood and let me keep him a little longer.  Talk about Mom of the Year!!  I took the title Friday.
5.  Andrew loves the moon.  When it's dark outside and he sees the moon it goes something like this, "The moon!  Mom, the moon!  Dad, do you see it??  The moon!  The moon!"  This week the moon was a crescent moon.  After proclaiming that the moon was in the sky he calmed down and then said, "Hey, da moon is broken." 

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