Friday, February 3, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  Fred has been asked to speak at chapel at our Alma mater, Union University.  I'm pretty excited to go back for a chapel service.  Any current Union students out there that would like for me to scan your student id?!?  hahaha...just kidding.  I never did that, nor did I have anyone else do it for me.  Never.
2.  Remember my New's Years Resolution?!?  Well, I started counting January 3rd and at the end of the month I had done 42 loads of laundry.   Fred said that didn't sound like too many.  I was ready with a snarky comment such as, "How many loads have you done or folded", but then I was reminded that we are a team.  Although, if we weren't a team the score would be:  Jennifer-42, Fred-0.  But, we are a team. ;-)
3. I saw a group of boys Clayton's age acting ugly to one another this week.  I asked Clayton about it and he said they just acted that way.  I then asked him if he played with them and he told me no.  Then he said, "They are always fighting and I'm afraid if I play with them I'll get caught in the middle of a fight and get in trouble."  Ahhh, he's been listening. 
4.  Fred and Clayton were talking about collecting coins.  Jack was in the back seat and quiet.  He then piped up and said he would like to start a collection of ice cream and donuts.  Clayton told him it was not possible.  Jack said he would at least like to try!  Ha!
5.  Andrew went to story hour for the first time.  He was a little timid, but I grateful for the opportunity I have to take him to meet some new friends.  He is a little clingy with me (and Fred).  I really worried with this with the big boys, but somehow it doesn't bother me as much with him. 

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