Thursday, May 17, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  Fred's sister is graduating from Union this weekend with her Master's Degree in Social Work.  We are so proud of her and her accomplishments over the past two years!  Can't wait to watch her walk the line and begin this new season of her life.
2.  Last weekend we went to Nashville to celebrate my precious grandmother's birthday.  She now lives in an assisted living facility, which she refers to as, "the hotel".  She is so happy and well adjusted.  I actually did not cry when we all left.  While we were there I asked her how old she was and she responded with, "I have no idea how old I am.  I'm thinking at least 100."  She is 84. 
 Is this picture not classic?!?  I love these people! 
 I took a cake for her birthday.  She ohhed and ahhed over how beautiful it was and then gasped and said, "I've never had a cake with my name on it.  Look at that."  She is just precious.
 3.  This boy just completed the 3rd grade.  I cannot believe how he's grown in every area of his life.  He continues to amaze me at the way God is working in his life. 

4.  This boy just completed kindergarten.  Kindergarten?!?  I can't believe it!  He is still full of smiles and personality.  Again, I love watching God work in his life.  I know God has big plans for him and I can't wait to see them unfold. 
5.  Andrew lost his night night.  We have looked EVERYWHERE!!!  My mom has offered a $5 reward to the one who finds it.  It has been gone almost a week now.  The precious lady that gave us the blanket brought another one by to help ease his pain.  How sweet, huh?!?  Having said that, we are still looking for, as Andrew calls it, "my old night night". 

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