Friday, December 20, 2013

This week

Eleven days before Christmas we decided to get a tree. We actually cut it down it down ourselves. It was ironic to me since we just moved from rural area to a city. While in the rural area we never cut down our own tree, but once we moved to a city we cut one down. Funny. (We took Clayton into the woods to pick out this beauty while he had a fever.  Yes we did.)

Since it's Christmas it's time for us to be sick. It just wouldn't be the holidays without it. It started with Clayton last Friday night. He started throwing up, fever, headache, etc. The next morning we thought maybe he was fine, but no..Higher fever and then Jack started Sunday morning. I kept all three home with me. Fred spent Sunday afternoon at a walk in clinic. He had a sinus infection.
Our church had our Christmas program Sunday night and then they had a welcome party for us. Mr. Fred stayed with the kids so I could go to the party. It was unbelievable. Our transition here has just been seamless.

Monday morning I thought everyone was better. Wrong. A quick check of temperatures proved that Clayton was still sick. I called a doctor and made an appointment. In the mean time Andrew crawled up in my lap and felt warm. Yep, he had a fever too. I called the doctor back and made another appointment for Andrew. Off we went to a new doctor. Diagnosis: C had a viral infection and Andrew had an ear infection.
I was not feeling well, but just kept willing it away. Once we returned from the doctor I started with the stomach virus that the boys had. The next five days were a series of fevers, crying, throwing up, changing sheets, etc. And that was just me...I kid.  Miserable.
Honestly, I wouldn't know how to celebrate the holidays without it!  I'm thinking our Christmas card should just look like this from now on:

You know you have some sinus problems when you carry your own roll of toilet paper and use the entire roll by noon.

I never like my kids being sick. Never.  During the holidays are especially difficult, because we don't get to do any fun things and make memories. Don't get me wrong, we make memories. They're just not memories that will we treasured. Maybe they will be treasured though. Come to think of it...we've all been together. I've gotten to hold little boys that don't ever sit in my lap anymore.  We've laughed and laid by the Christmas tree. Schedules and agendas have come to a screeching hauls. Someday well laugh about our holiday "memories" that don't quite look ideal.

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