Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy Spring!

-Someone did this to our mailbox in Paris...
On a positive note...our house is still for sale and if you buy it you can pick out the exact mailbox you want.  What a deal, right?!?
-Our boys have some really good friends at church.  Her two youngest boys have birthdays close together.  So, she decided to have a sleep over with all my boys to celebrate.  Andrew had a list of things to pack which included, but was not limited to, his blanket, Kindle, snoopy, Poco, lion, and a few other stuffed animals.  Well, after spending the night with our friends Poco has been renamed Rhett after our friend's dog.  I totally see the resemblance.

-We went out this week and Andrew came to the door with this look...

This would have been a fight with the first child.  The third child?!?  Oh great, you got your shoes on by yourself.  Get in the car. :-)
-I had the opportunity to visit with some childhood friends Tuesday night.  They did not get together until 9:00 p.m.  That is crazy talk.  Crazy I tell you.  I am usually snuggled up under my covers and almost asleep by this time.  I went.  I was not disappointed.  We did not get home until midnight.  I cannot tell you the last time I was up at midnight by my own choice.
-Clayton's teacher at church came to me laughing with a story.  They were studying the verse that says Man cannot live by bread alone.  She asked if any of them knew what that meant, figuring none of them would.  Clayton raised his hand and said, "Well, it's actually a metaphor" and then he continued to explain it.  She said all she could do was laugh.  Then five minutes later he interrupted her lesson by saying, "I have a knock, knock joke.  Would you care if I share it now?"  Keeping it real.
-We have taken a few days off school for a little spring break.  Several friends from Paris happened to be in town so we have gotten in lots of good times.  It began on Monday night with a burger from Huey's and a Grizzlies game.
 Fred and Renee joined us for this game.  The Grizzlie Grannies came out and preformed while we were there.  I saw a sparkle in Renee's eyes.  I'm thinking she may sign up.  Ha!
-Tuesday was pretty cold out.  We were planning on an outdoor activity, but quickly changed to the Children's Museum.  
 We have the entire museum and somehow my crew always ends up in the back corner building with Legos.  Funny guys.  According to the boys this was a post-Apocalyptic scene...whatever that is?!?
 Just a brief pause before running off to play again.
 Getting a picture of five boys takes talent...a talent I obviously do not possess as you can see from the pictures below.

After the museum we introduced them to La Michocana (the Mexican ice cream shop on Summar Ave.). It really is delicious.  I have no pictures from this.  I was too busy eating my corn ice cream.  Yes, corn ice cream.  It is SOOOO good!  
-Wednesday we met for lunch at Pop's Deli and Clayton dined on a Memphis burger.  Yum!
After lunch we headed to Sky Zone for a little trampoline jumping.  

 This is what Andrew did when we got home.  Tuckered.out.
-Thursday and Friday the big boys had Stanford Achievement testing.  I ran a few errands and met up with Stacy at Goodwill.  Then when I picked up the boys I told them that we were meeting more friends. We met up with the Cain's for lunch at Rock 'N Dough.  I'm pretty sure when Jack saw B he ran over to him, hugged him and lifted him off the ground.  

Before the rain came we introduced them to two of our favorite things
Shelby Farms...

 And then Menchie's
Man, it's been a great week!  We have had a blast.  Having friends by us was beyond description.  Friendships are such a blessing.  

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