Sunday, March 23, 2014

This week

-While eating breakfast this week Jack was smacking.  I've been trying to break him of this habit.  I looked at Fred and said, "I think this smacking is a result of him putting too much in his mouth."  He quickly responded with (with a mouthful of muffin and eggs), "I think it is a result of this being delicious!" Click here for the delicious recipe.  I use coconut oil and sour cream.  I also add a little milk because they are pretty thick without it.  Oh, and I double it because of the deliciousness factor!
-This sweet boy went to the dentist for the first time this week.  They got all the "bugs" (as Andrew calls them) out of his mouth.
 -This sweet boy read this entire book by himself.  He laughed through most of it.  It is called Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  Andrew refers to it as Diarrhea of a Wimpy Kid.  It always gets a chuckle around here when he says it.  He doesn't say it to be funny, that's honestly what he thinks the book is called.

-Andrew's life is one long sentence with lots of commas.  He does not stop.  Here is an example from this week while we were alone. (I'm going to use punctuation for easier reading, but know that this is all said in one breath.) 
"Mom, someday when we get a house I'd like to get some chickens and a turtle.  Don't you fink  chickens and a turtle would be a good idea?  We could get eggs from the chicken and I could hold the turtle.  Well, never mind.  I don't want to hold the turtle.  He will make my hands stink.  Do you fink a turtle will make my hands stink?  Okay, I'd just like chickens then.  What did you do to your hair?  (My first time to respond...It's in a pony tail.)  Why is it called a pony tail?  What is a pony?  Why do they have tails?  I don't like your hair in a pony tail.  Do ponies stink?  So, can we get chickens some day?"

I'm not kidding.  This is exactly how our conversation went.  Some nights when I close my eyes I can still hear him talking.  I hope I never forget what 4 year old Andrew sounds like.  Fortunately for me he is giving me plenty of opportunity to remember.  :)

-The big boys and Fred participated in the Tour de Grizz.  They met at the zoo at the Grizzly bear exhibit and then rode their bikes ,complete with a police escort, to the FedEx Forum to a Grizzlies game.  One way it was a 5 mile ride.  Fred said they had a blast.  They did not get home until 11:30 pm.  They even stopped for tacos on the way home.  These late night shenanigans never happen around here. 

    -While the big boys got to do this fun event with Fred, Andrew was pretty bummed.  We just did not think this was the thing for him to participate in just yet.  So, to help him "deal" with the unfairness which was his life, I promised him a trip to Incredible Pizza.  Never.again. on a Saturday night.  There were so many people in that place you could not stir them with a stick. (Between 2500-3000 people were there.  I know.  I asked the manager.)  Have mercy.  It was intense.  Zachary, Eli and Renee met us there.  I intended to take some pictures, but honestly I was more concerned with my child's safety.  It was intense.  Whew.  My blood pressure is rising just thinking about it.  Never again on a Saturday night.  

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