Saturday, October 4, 2014

Shopping trip with my mom

Every fall my mom and I take a shopping trip some time between our birthdays.  We eat out, shop, stay in a hotel and laugh...a lot...and shop...a lot.  It's a blessing and an honor to have a mom that is my friend.  Since I love getting a deal she follows me around as I shop at any and every consignment and thrift store I can find.  It is really a blast!
Here's our haul this year:

5 pairs of pants
9 shirts
1 skirt
3 dresses
5 cardigans
3 scarves
2 pairs of boots
1 pairs of flats
2 pairs of heels

Total cost: $250
If you are a budgeter like us you will know this is an extremely good deal.  It averages out to around $8 per item.  Pretty good if I do say so myself.
This year we shopped at:
Clothes Mentor
Fashion Exchange
Salvation Army (on Kirby Whitten and Austin Peay Highway)
Junior League's Repeat Boutique
Celery (did not purchase here)
Sugar Plum (did not purchase here)
Payless (for one pair of shoes)

Plus, we got cupcakes at Cocoa Van and cookies at Whimsy Cookie.  Yummers!!

We got finished a little early Saturday so mom and I decided to have a little fashion show.  Good times.  So here goes the thrift store finds:

 Nine West dress, Banana Republic sweater and Payless heels
I'm Jennifer and I'll be reporting the news to you tonight for Channel 5.  Just kidding, but seriously!
 Anne Klein dress, BCBG sweater, same shoes as above
(Any of my Bama fan friends want to borrow this dress?!?)
 GAP dress. Other stuff came out of my closet.  As it gets cooler I'll add some colored tights.
 Yes, those are embroidered owls on those pants.  I'm pretty sure these pants are 40 years old.  I don't care. I love them.  The brand is David Brooks (?) and the shoes are Bandolino. The rest of it came from my closet.  
 J. Jill pants, Banana Republic shirt and sweater.  Same shoes as above.  
 Same shoes and pants as above.  Shirt from my closet.  The scarf is new.  
 We tried to get the back of this shirt because it has some button details.  Really cute.  The scarf is from Fred's grandmother.  The jeans are from Target.  The boots are new (to me) as well.  
 The is my Punky Brewster look.  Remember her?!?  Same boots and jeans as above.  The top is a Pika top. 
Same jeans.  Boots are from my closet.  The shirt is J. Crew and the sweater is Peppermint (?).
 The shirt is from Kohl's and I'm not sure of the pants brand.  Same shoes as above.  The scarf is new as well.  
 J. Jill sweater.  Chico's shirt. New scarf.  Pants and shoes are pictured above.
 Blue shirt from Banana Republic
 Plaid shirt from Express.  The rest of it is from my closet.  
 Pants from Anne Klein.  Shirt and shoes are of no particular brand, but they are new to me.)
 *Disclosure...this sweater was purchased at the Hope Presbyterian Market.  It is not included in my total listed above.  It's just new.
This skirt is from J. Crew.  The picture makes it look red, but it's more of an orange tweed.  I liked it at the store, but don't have a vision for it yet in my wardrobe.  We'll see how it turns out.  My total investment is around $1, so if it doesn't work there's really no harm.
I would say 40% of these clothes had tags on them.  As in brand new.  I also got a few things for Fred and the boys.  I got two bike jerseys for Fred.  They are typically $30-40 per jersey.  I think I paid $5 for both of them.
Mom said she would rather spend a weekend with me shopping than go to Hawaii.  I told her I felt certain we could shop in Hawaii.  Thanks to Fred for being the best dad and husband EVER for allowing this to happen every year.  He's a rock star.

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