Monday, November 24, 2014

This week...

 In 2004 we moved to Paris, Tennessee to begin working at Springhill Baptist Church.  The O'Neals were our instant friends.  Clayton and their oldest daughter S were more like siblings than friends.  They were co-conspirators, partners in crime, best buds.  They moved away in 2010 for J to pursue his education in Texas.  It was a dark day for the Shackelford family.  They spent a year in Texas, but then moved back to Tennessee for J to begin working in a church full time.  Since his career path was in education he was never ordained in the ministry.  His church offered to do this for him and then they asked Fred to preach for his service.  It was a great moment for both of our families.  Look at this crew below.  They sure have grown since the nursery at Springhill.  If I stop for too long I'll get emotional.  Mostly though, it just makes me smile to think that a church in Paris, Tennessee brought our two families together and 10 years later that bond is still strong.  Love these people.
 We got in the car one day this week and Jack said, "Wait mom!  My backpack?"  I just looked at him and then he gave me this grin.  I think he quickly realized it was on his shoulders.  I love that kid.
 If you follow NBA basketball you know that the Grizzlies are good this year.  Yes, they are.  We got to go to our first game as a family last weekend.  It did not disappoint.  We always have the best time!
 Of course the boys had to have a snow cone.  They had to spend their own money.  Clayton did not want to use his money so Jack said, "No big deal Clayton.  I'll buy yours."  Goodness.

 After the game we went to the Cheesecake Corner and shared a piece of high dollar deliciousness five ways.  We have no pictures of this because it was inhaled.

On November 22, 1996 Fred and I went on our first date.  For someone who never saves anything this picture has made it 18 years.  I love this picture...almost as much as I love the guy in the picture.  I cannot believe it's been 18 years since this night.
 Saturday afternoon we went to the Memphis Tigers game.  It was perfect football weather.  I wish I could have bottled it up.  Food at the games is always an issue.  As soon as we walk in the boys are hungry/thirsty.  All season long I've held them off except for a few things here and there.  Before we walked in the stadium I told Fred this game would be a "yes" game.  It was too funny to see their faces when they asked for something and Fred and I just said Yes.  They kind of stood there in disbelief.  It was great.  Drinks for everyone...yes.  Nachos...yes.  BBQ nachos...sure.  Whatever.

The Tigers have had a great season this year and we love being in the stadium to cheer them on!

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