Friday, November 7, 2014

This week

On Halloween my boys were ready to go!  We headed to church for a fun filled, freezing night of trunk or treating!  After trunk of treat at church we had a brief costume change and headed to the Memphis game.  It was miserably cold.  Cold.  Freezing.  Brrr...I'm still cold just remembering it.  In fact, I was so cold when I got home that I put the electric blanket on the bed as soon as I got home!

The biggest boy wore an Iron Man mask.  Clayton was Percy Jackson.  Jack was a ninja.  Andrew was Wolverine.  Next year I might get creative with our costumes, but I doubt it.
Andrew loves a costume, so he had a costume change for the game.  Is that not the cutest tiger you've ever seen?!?

On the Thursday before Halloween a precious man at church met me (and about 3 others) in the church kitchen to teach us how to make his famous "Love Cookies".  I now know why they are called "Love Cookies".  They have 3 sticks of butter and a cup and a half of shortening per recipe.  The love actually melts in your mouth.  They don't come any sweeter than Mr. Bill.  
Andrew wants this for Christmas.  I did not buy it at Kroger.  Is that stating the obvious?!?  

On Mondays Andrew and his cousin are out of school.  His mama runs a very successful/busy photography business, but on occasion we have time to meet up with the guys.  We chose to meet at the mall.  Since living here for almost a year I think this is my third time to visit this mall.  Before I lived here I came to this mall frequently.  It's funny to me that I now live less than 10 minutes from the mall, but I come here less often.

Any who...they rode the train, jumped on the trampoline, rode the carousel, ate at Chick Fil A, played in the play area and rode the escalator.  Good times.  I love their sweet friendship.

 That's enough to wear a fella out.  Worn out.
On Wednesday of this week Andrew started feeling bad.  A quick trip to the clinic revealed that he has an ear infection.  Boo.  He was pretty pitiful.  Actually the photo below was taken because I realized Fred took the keys to our second car and we weren't going to be able to get to Sonic while everyone else was at church.  Oh the horror...
A friend brought the boys home from church for me.  When I opened the door Jack came walking in with one shoe on his foot.  One shoe.  When I asked him where his shoe was he told me it was in the gym at church in the ceiling.  What?  Yep, he kicked it off and it landed in the ceiling.  Goodness, he's a mess.  My fella came in rocking one shoe...and was not the least bit concerned.

In other news...the dog, Dash...
I took him to Pet Smart to get a bath since it was cold outside.  Jack informed me that Dash smelled like "stinky cheese".  When Jack notices a smell it is time to act.  Andrew and I took him to the pet store and Dash about had a come apart when we left him.  When I went to pick him up he rode home like this in my lap.  It was a difficult drive home. (I was not driving when I snapped this.) Literally, he was in my lap.  He stayed on our heels the rest of the night.  I guess these are the problems of a dog that's rescued.
 He is not supposed to be on the furniture, most of all my bed.  Saturday morning all the boys left for men's breakfast (Oh glorious day!) and Dash was so distraught he sat on top of my legs.
 On Fridays when Fred's at home Dash and I get to walk on the green space behind our house.  He gets to run without a leash.  It's a big day.  Oh, and it's trash day.  He sniffs all the way out of our neighborhood.  We are quite the sight.
My boys have many sweet friends from Paris.  Two of them are coming for the weekend.  I'm making pumpkin donuts for breakfast.  (Click here for recipe.)  I don't know if the boys will like it or not, but I feel certain I will.  It's going to be a great morning.

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