Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving, a Birthday, a Christmas Tree and a Tailgating Party

Before school got out for Thanksgiving break Jack had Barter Day at school.  Each student set up their own shop and they "bartered" for goods that other students provided.  He had a really good time.  I think he's the cutest shop owner I've ever seen!
We are typically up with the or out of school.  So, our first day out of school for Thanksgiving was no exception.  By 8:00 am I had made dressing, sweet potato casserole and breakfast.  The boys were outside playing.  Yep, that's how we roll.
Thanksgiving was a little weird for use this year.  Not weird bad, but weird good.  For the first time in 18 years Fred and I did not travel.  It was amazing.  It was truly a holiday.  We enjoyed every moment.  My mom, dad, aunt and grandmother came in to town Wednesday morning and we feasted at lunch.

 Aunt Janice is not is the picture above because she was taking the picture.
After lunch my family helped me decorate my house for Christmas.  Mun and Janice left around 4:30 pm and mom and dad stayed the night.  Fred headed out for a Turkey Trot with his sister while the rest of us just enjoyed a day of leisure.  Later that evening they headed home and we went to the Shackelford's house for Thanksgiving, Part 2.
The boys (and Dash) decided to stay the night at Fred and Renee's.  Fred and I returned to an empty/quiet house.  We woke up Friday morning and hit a few Black Friday sales.  It was surprisingly calm.  We just walked in and out of stores.  We even enjoyed a quick breakfast out together.  Then we hit the sale of all sales.  When we pulled up to Kroger we realized we had a 40 cent discount on our Kroger plus card.  (Yes, we buy a lot of groceries!) What do you do?!?  You go back home and get the other car and line them up in such a way that you can fill up both cars!  Black Friday savings at their finest!  Score!
After this I headed over to get the boys and then headed to Jackson to celebrate my sister in laws birthday.  We ate at a new restaurant called Say Grace and then enjoyed a cake from Shirley's Bakery.  Yummers.
Jack asked Paige how old she was going to be and she said 40.  Jack said, "Oh.  You need to schedule your colonoscopy."  Ha!  Nothing says welcome to 40 like an 8 year old telling you to schedule your colonoscopy.

As soon as we got home we headed to the Christmas Tree Farm to cut down our tree.  I think before people get married they should have to cut down a tree together...and take three kids with them.  If they survive this task they will be ready.  Goodness.  I laid in bed that night and wondered what we will remember from these days.  I hope they are good memories because honestly some things just aren't as "sweet" as they appear.  It seems all good times and hot chocolate when really it's:  this is too tall,  I don't like this one, over here guys, please stop fighting, help us get in the door, are you really just sitting there watching tv, get up and help, how much longer, those lights don't look good, etc and etc.
I sure hope all involved will have good memories.  After trying unsuccessfully for about an hour, we just went to bed without decorating the tree.  By 6:30 am the next morning we were back at it and having a good time.  (We all really like sleep!)  By 7:15 am (I told you we roll out early!) it was finished.  It may not be magazine worthy, but we picked it out, cut it down and decorated it.  It's ours and it makes me smile.  (Just as a point of reference the cute boy in the picture is almost 5 feet tall.)
 Don't think for one minute Fred and I were not quoting Christmas Vacation the entire time we were on this quest.  I'll leave you will one quote that runs through my head every time I walk past this tree...Little full, lot of sap....You're welcome.
Saturday we had a tailgate party at the Memphis game with several of our friends.  I chose to take hot chocolate and this was my only thermos...

 Ha!  Several people offered suggestions on ways to fix my thermos, but I think it's just fine!  My granddaddy took coffee in this thermos to UT games in Knoxville.  It will work at a Memphis game.
Memphis won their game and became league champions for the first time in 43 years. Our good friends even came to their first game of the season and enjoyed the game with us. Good times!
Dash the dog has had a difficult Thanksgiving...not really.  This is how he's spent most of his time--

Silly dog.  He better rest up.  We are entering December and he has no idea what's in store for him. All Shackelfords better hang on because it's about to get crazy around here!

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