Friday, March 6, 2015

Snow Days, Sickness, and More Snow Days

We had big plans for a weekend for the boys to spend some time with Mimi and Tee.  We packed and headed out on Friday afternoon.  These plans were moved from one weekend to the next because of snow so everyone was really ready!  Jack's best friend B and his brother, C, met us in Jackson for his birthday.  Five kids, my parents and me and Fred went to Sparky's Pizza and then to Sky Zone in Jackson.  Everyone had a blast!

We all headed to my parent's house for a sleep over.  The boys had a ball!  Early Saturday morning I got a text from my mom saying, "Houston, we have a problem.  Your dad has been up all night sick."  We ate a quick breakfast, adjusted plans and all headed out.  My boys were supposed to stay the rest of the weekend with my parents, but a stomach virus will halt those plans quickly.  The plan was to take B and C back to Paris with us.  We were headed to Paris because Fred preached a funeral of a sweet, precious lady.  With a quick change of plans we ended up taking our entire crew with us to Paris.  What was supposed to be a quick up and back trip turned in to a little bit longer as we received and gave hugs at several places all over Paris.  I told a friend that someday I will go back to Paris and not cry.  This particular day was not that day.  I left a part of my heart in Paris and I guess it will always be there. 
By Sunday morning it was very clear that Clayton had contracted some kind of stomach virus of his own.  Yuck.  He is now old enough to stay for brief times by himself so I headed to church and checked on him between Sunday School and Church.  It was a new era for our family and I must admit it made me a little sad.  It was the first time I didn't get to stay at home and snuggle with my sick kiddo...nor did he need me.  Sniff, sniff.
Clayton was at home with me for several days and then it was business as usual.  Wednesday morning I went to help a (93 year old) friend who lives in assisted living.  Andrew went with me.  She is always offering me her walker, because she does not like to use it.  Apparently, she offered it to Andrew.  He came in to the bathroom where I was working and whispered, "Mom, Ms. Sally told me I could have her walker.  Do you think we should give it to Mun?"  It was really sweet.  I assured him Mun had a walker and Ms. Sally really didn't want to give hers away.  Speaking of my grandmother...we were talking about her the other day.  She would like to live to be 100.  When Jack heard that he said, "I hope she lives to be 200."  Me too, buddy.  Me too. 
At the beginning of the week we kept hearing about bad weather coming in to our area.  It was scheduled to arrive around church time Wednesday night.  Because of this we ended up canceling services.  The weather did not disappoint.  We woke up Thursday morning to about 5 inches of powdery snow.  It was beautiful. 

In true Shackelford form my crew was out as the sun came up.  Here's their sweet dad headed out to play with them...
We hit a hill in our neighborhood...


 Seriously, it was so bright I could barely open my eyes.  I really do have eyes. 

 After hanging in our hood for a while we ventured out...after getting stuck in our a huge hill in Bartlett.  We've heard about this hill since we moved here and boy did it not disappoint.  We met up with several friends and had a ball.
The hill was really steep.  It took Andrew forever to get up it, because he had to stop and talk the entire trip up.  Several of the sweet teenagers we were with would take turns helping him up the hill, at times pulling him up this steep hill in a sled.  How sweet is that?


Andrew went down with me one time.  I'm pretty sure I screamed the entire way.  I was screaming because the hill was steep and I was with the baby.  He was not scared.  I was.  I carried him for nine months and, with the help of anesthesia, I brought him in to this world.  Yes, I have a lot at stake. 
The second time I helped Andrew up the hill with his sled, with him talking the entire way, I asked if I could go with him.  He said, "No, I'm going down by myself like a man ."  I had to walk back down the very steep hill by myself.  I will use this "like a man" line to my advantage in the future.  You know. brush your a man.  Zip your own a man.  Put your plate a man.  Good line, don't you think?!?
Once we got home we warmed up with hot chocolate, snow cream, (Warm?  Maybe not.) and chili, not necessarily together.   
 You know you live a good life when this is what your stove looks like.  Is there anything better than chili and hot chocolate on a cold day?
 The boys even made a snowman.  He's cute, right. 
I love a snow day because it gives me a little time to organize little areas of my house.  Here's my pantry before...

And after...Ahhh...
My fridge before...
And my fridge after...
I even send pictures of it to my running partner back in Paris.  She does the same for me.  We're cool like that!!
Oh, if I lived some place where it snowed a lot I would be the most organized person ever.  And I would be about 100 lbs. heavier.  When the gym is closed and all you want to do is eat, what's a girl to do?!?  By Thursday night the boys were exhausted.  Andrew was so tired he could barely make a sentence.  They all slept hard.  We are out of school again today (Friday).  The boys have gone back to the big hill where it is muddy and icy.  I think they are headed for frozen yogurt.  I stayed back.  It's cold and I needed a minute. 
My sweet friend called the other day and asked if I could keep her one month old baby while she had an appointment.  YES!  The answer is always YES!  Is that not the sweetest thing you have ever seen?!?  We sat on the couch for a good two hours just like that.  I could have just eaten him up.  Sweetest thing ever.

We have loved these wintery snow days.  We have loved our time together as a family.  Having said that some buttercups and sunshine will be loved as well.  Come on spring!

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