Friday, June 26, 2015

A week at!

We came in from our trip Friday night around 5:00 pm.  By 5:37 pm the car was unloaded, everything was put away inside the house and laundry was going.  Three cheers for boys that are good helpers!  What will we do when they leave the house?!? It just do happened that Elizabeth and her family were coming in from vacation as well so we had an impromptu family dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  When we got home I fell asleep around 7:45 pm.  I'm not even kidding. 

Saturday morning a friend came to get Clayton for a little birthday fun.  Jack was sad to be left behind.  He loves to have someone to play with.  His good friend in our neighborhood goes to Utah for the summer and now Clayton was gone.  What's a boy to do?!?  Enter our good friends, Kay and Johnny, from Paris.  They are in town for a softball tournament and asked Jack if he'd like to go.  Actually, they ended up taking both boys.  So, the house is empty except for me and Fred.  I'm so excited I think I'll go to the grocery store while Fred mows the yard.  We lead an exciting life, yes we do. There are no pictures of Jack because he was watching softball.  In fact, he did not get home until 11:00 pm Saturday night.  Andrew however stopped long enough to pose with a ice cream bar. 
Monday morning Andrew got to go to Little Kid Camp at Ellendale.  He woke up so excited!  He got to create a craft, make a snack, eat pizza and go swimming.  Our little camper had a blast!

While Andrew was at Little Kids Camp the big boys and I went to Renee's house.  We took Dash so he wouldn't be home all day in his kennel.  Last week we left him at Fred and Renee's while we were in Ohio.  I think he was a little nervous about me leaving to go do a little work.  If I could put words in his mouth they would sound like this...
Please don't leave me.  It's hot outside.  I'll never run away again. I'll never eat anything other than dog food.  I'll be good.  I promise. 
 If you're tempted to feel sorry for the dog...don't.  These chewed up headphones are evidence that he did NOT keep his promise.  Silly dog.
Phase II (Have I ever told the story about the girl in my senior English class that failed to turn in her outline for her research paper because her computer did not have Roman numerals?!?  True story.  I often wonder what became of her.) of wearing glasses...the eye patch.  I am happy to report that after 6 weeks of wearing glasses he is now on the eye chart.  Yeah!  In order to expedite the process we are patching the "good eye" to wake up the "bad eye". 
But he has to watch TV like this now...

  Andrew has always had a flare for the dramatic.  He fashioned this "cast" for his arm before we left to run errands.  At one point during the errand process all the boys got what I call "low blood sugar".  Any time my children begin to misbehave/aggravate one another/talk ugly/whatever I blame it on low blood sugar. I know this is not taught in parenting books, but please.  Take a walk in my shoes and come up with a better plan and I'll follow it. So I gave my "Don't talk again your blood sugar is low" speech.  Jack began to mouth everything to me from the back seat (since he couldn't talk), which was exciting.  Andrew whole heartedly agreed with me by saying, "Yeah mom.  You are right.  My blood PRESSURE is low."  Well...not quite the same thing, but whatever. 
A good friend of mine asked me to serve on the PTO board at Clayton's school.  (Did you hear that thud?  It was my mother.  Someone pick her up off the floor.)  I went to my first meeting Tuesday night and was met with this organization.  I am the Chair of Inspiration.  This title makes me smile.  What does it mean?  Good question.  I'm not really sure.  The basic understanding I got was that I'm to read an "inspiring" quote at our two meetings and then encourage the teachers.  Yep, I think I can handle that. 
The boys and I loaded up and headed to Jackson for Mimi and Tee's. I told them we would get Chick Fil A on the way out of town.  They wanted Chicken Mini's.  As I looked at the menu a thought dawned on me...they make bigger servings than a 3 pack or a 4 pack.  Yep, we go the platter of chicken mini's.  Plus I got an iced coffee so everyone was happy!  You've never seen chicken mini's disappear so quickly! 
 After I dropped the boys off for what I know will be a fun weekend I met up with Fred at The Butcher Shop.  The Butcher Shop is a pretty fancy steak restaurant.  This family might go there on a special occasion, but not very often.  Since we've lived here I've noticed a sign that they serve steak burgers on Fridays at lunch.  I've wanted to try it, so to kick off our anniversary weekend we ate lunch here. It was some fine eating.  That was one mighty good burger. 

Renee/Mawmaw always takes the kids on a "date" for their birthday.  Jack got to go with her this week.  He chose to go to the Bass Pro Shop downtown.  I think he had a grand time.  If you haven't been to the Bass Pro Shop (in Memphis) yet you should visit soon. 

 That is one big burger.  I'm pretty sure he had to take it apart to eat it.  Happy Birthday to Jack!

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