Sunday, July 5, 2015

This week

The boys got to spend the weekend at Mimi and Tee's at Cousin Camp.  This is a score for everyone.  There is soda, Little Debbie's, donuts, really anything a boy's heart could desire.  For me and Fred there has been peace and quiet and no cooking.  It has been glorious.
Hot 9:00 pm?!?  Anything is a possibility at Mimi's house.
 Computer playing...yep.
 Cardinal's baseball watching...yep.
 Donut eating at the Farmer's Market...for sure. 
I got to go on a two hour walk with a friend.  Fred got to go to the dentist, a funeral and to meet with his granddad.  Then we've had two lunches together and a dinner.  It's been divine. 
Sunday when I was meeting up with the kiddos I was talking to mom on the phone.  She said, "I don't think they brushed their teeth this morning, but they have been fed."  Well, I'd call that success.  We may have t-shirts with that quote on them. 
Sunday afternoon we met up with a group of friends to play Laser Tag at Shelby Farms.  I cannot tell you how fun it was.  We played grown ups verses kiddos.  The grown ups won every game.  In the kiddos of the grown ups is/was an Army Ranger and another one is a police officer.  These two may have taken Laser Tag pretty seriously.  I have memories of this day that will last a long time. 

 Please note that we were supposed to take a picture without smiling.  Fred and Jennifer did not get that memo.  Ha!

Monday morning these fellas left for youth camp.  YOUTH CAMP!!!  Oh goodness.  How did we get here?!?
 They had to be at church at 6:00 am.  I was going to leave Jack and Andrew here with our friend, but Andrew woke up sobbing.  Sobbing because Clayton was leaving.  He was pretty pitiful.  So, he headed out with us to send them off. 

 This guy and I played a great game of cards Monday afternoon.  When one of my three fellas is gone it's pitiful to see what the others are like at home.  I'm so glad they are friends.  They really do enjoy each other.  It makes me smile.  I pray they remain this close. 
The remaining boys and I headed out Wednesday for Jackson.  Lynn and Jim came to Bartlett to see our house and church and then we all went to pick up Richard at the airport. 
Jack is trying to earn extra money for basketball camp next summer.  (Ambitious?!?)  So, he's looking for odd jobs.  My dad took him up on it and these two worked and worked in my parent's yard.  They worked for about 4 hours.  When they got done my dad asked Jack how much he should be paid.  Jack shrugged his shoulders, grinned, and said, "I guess $80?!?"  Funny boy.  He got $25.  If you need a hard working kiddo at your house Jack is for hire. 
While these two were working in the yard my mom and I went to Goodwill.  I hit the jackpot.  After cleaning out my closet I noticed  a need for sleeveless shirts.  I found 8 tops, 3 pairs of shorts and one pair of sandals for $32.  Score.  Since I took my mother I was also able to use my mother's senior discount.  AND I have all my the next time I go I get $25 free at Goodwill. Do you know what you can do with $25 at Goodwill?!?  I.can't.wait.
Swim Weekend began Friday!  Here is my sweet grandmother with the youngest great grandson.  Is that not the sweetest?

While we (me, Jack and Andrew) were getting started with swim weekend festivities Fred was driving down to Florida to meet up with our youth.  He left at 4:00 am on Thursday.  I got the following two pictures around 1:22 pm with the words...I made it.

Both of these pictures made me smile.  They spent Thursday together and then Friday morning loaded up and headed to Jackson to join us for swim weekend. 

Because of a little rain we decided to take the kiddos bowling.  Andrew had to be on the girl side b/c they had the bumpers.  He was not too pleased with this development, but by the end of the game he came to me and whispered, "Actually mom, I kind of like those girls."  This is a really big deal in a house of boys.

My brother could not make it to swim weekend because of baseball games.  However, Thursday night he did send this picture.  Her found these side by side at a gas station and bought them.
He said there was also a Jamal beside these, but my mother assured him we have no long lost brother named Jamal. 
Back to swim weekend...Here is the hostess with the mostest of swim weekend.  She plans everything.  Fred and I had to leave Saturday morning to get ready for a mission trip, but our boys were able to stay on with my parents. 
Before we left Fred and I worked with Andrew on his swimming.  I'm proud to report that all Shackelfords can now swim without the aid of a flotation device.  This is so comforting to my heart. 
Swim weekend success!!

Sunday morning Fred and I headed out for Cleveland, Tennessee for a mission trip.  We are going to work on a house in that area.  This area of East Tennessee is one of the most economically depressed areas in our state.  Join with us as we are take the name of Jesus in to this area.  (We have two more people meeting up with our team.)
While we are away Dash the Dog is being well taken care of at Fred and Renee's house.  Actually, Tori's dogs are at Fred and Renee's house too, but I think Dash is a little too excitable for them so he landed in the kennel.  Ha!
But don't worry about him too much, it seems he finally calmed down and snuggled up with Renee.  He'll be reunited with the boys soon. 

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