Saturday, July 11, 2015

Our week

After we left our children at swim weekend Fred and I headed to Cleveland, Tennessee for a mission trip with this crew, plus two others that met us there. 
As an added bonus, since we were driving through Murfreesboro we were able to grab lunch with my Aunt Christie and my brother and his crew (minus one). 
We arrived Sunday afternoon and had a brief orientation.  Then Monday morning we headed to our work site. We painted, replaced soffits (well, not me, but some of the guys on our team), replaced hand rails, cleaned up a yard, and painted some more. 

 On Tuesday I pressure washed just about every surface you can imagine.  This picture does not do my legs justice.  My feet/shoes/socks were soaking wet, plus I had dirt and grime all over my legs.  There have been only a few other times in my life when I've been this glad to get a shower. 
We worked at the house of an 81 year old widow.  She has dementia and is hard of hearing.  Sweet Fred was trying to talk to her one afternoon.  He repeated himself four different times, each time getting louder.  I really don't even remember what he was saying, but after she said, "What'd you say?" for the fourth time Fred looked at her (and yelled, b/c each time he repeated himself he got louder) and said (very respectfully), "NEVER MIND!"  I was on the other side of the house working and I heard him.  I go so tickled I had to stop painting. 

There were some pretty tall places that had to be reached at the house with paint.  I just couldn't watch. 
At one point Fred was really high on a ladder and I was on the other side of the house.  I heard him holler.  Let's just say two things: 1...someone holding your ladder is always a good idea, 2...putting a piece of wood and a brick under each side of your ladder is not a good foundation.  No harm, no foul.  Everybody was okay.  But after a quick rush of adrenaline let's just say we took a break.

It's been about 12 years since I've been to this area and I forget just how beautiful this side of the state is. 

Wednesday I got this text from my mother in law which just made me smile:

"So...we need to talk.  I don't think I will be giving your boys back.  They are awesome!!  I had {some friends} over to the house for lunch today.  The little kids were wild and made a big mess in the playroom.  I just figured I would take care of it after everyone left.  Without me knowing it or asking them to, Jack and Clayton cleaned up the entire mess!!  Be proud!  You are raising amazing young men.  I may keep them."

Well...if that doesn't make you tear up as a parent I don't know what will. 

Thursday I got this picture of a hard working crew washing a dog.  I'd say that's one clean dog.
Friday morning we packed up and headed out, but not before we did a little white water rafting.  I was hoping to get a few pictures while we were rafting, but I like my phone so that did not happen.  But here is one before we loaded up.  Rafting the Ocoee took me back to when Fred and I first started dating.  We always took youth groups here.  It's been about 12 years since I've been and I picked up right where we left off.  I love the Ocoee River.  Rafting it with this group was just an added blessing. 

Originally, I had not intended on rafting with our group.  I was going to come back with two other people from our crew.  But on Thursday we moved our rafting time from 2:00 pm to 11:00 am and decided to drive back as soon as we finished.  After a couple of phone calls everything fell in to place.  Our friends kept the boys so I could stay.  We got stuck in Chattanooga traffic 3 different times and were a little later than we thought we would be.  Barbara, my friend that kept the boys, said Andrew came down a little before 8 and asked when we were getting home.  He said, "Do you know when my parents are getting here?  For some reason my eyes have tears in them."  Sweet boy.  We missed these guys too.  Next year they will go with us. 

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