Monday, July 27, 2015

This week

After getting home from camp, finishing up laundry, and sleeping 10 hours Fred left to run a triathlon Saturday morning.  I stayed in bed.  I was the one that got 10 hours, not him.  He ran the Mighty Mite Triathlon.  This year makes three years for him.  He, his friend and his friend's son rolled out of Memphis at 6:00 am.  Fred placed in the top 10 in his age division.  Yahoo!

The rest of our week was pretty uneventful until we left for Pickwick State Park for staff retreat.  I sat all the boys down and told them everything they needed to pack.  I had them repeat it back to me to make sure they understood.  They were upstairs for a while and came down with a red suitcase.  I figured everything was a go.  My first mistake.  Really, a rookie mistake, but you know...
As we were walking out the door this was our conversation-
Me:  Andrew, did you pack any clothes?
Andrew:  No
Me:  What were you upstairs doing all that time?  Packing your stuffed animals?
Andrew:  Yes, and my blanket. 
Oh dear.  He didn't have clean underwear, but at least we had our animals and blanket.  Yes, we were good. 
Sunday morning we left the house at 9:01 am.  (We are supposed to be there at 9:00 am.)  I gave the boys a two minute warning and told them to meet me at the car.  This is how Andrew came downstairs...

When I saw him I said, "Andrew!"  He said, "Why did you say my name like that?  Is it because I'm so cute and I did such a good job getting dressed by myself?"  Yep, that's why I said your name like that.  Yep.
This is the closet where we keep our luggage. 
I think that's the sign of a good summer, don't you?!?  Saturday I whipped it back into shape because we traveled for the last time for several months. 
While I love a clean and organized closet this kind of makes me sad.  It marks the end of summer to me.  We are on the final countdown.  14 days until school starts back.  14 days until the baby of the Shackelford house starts school.  14 days until I have the house to myself during the days.  Do you know how long it's been since I've had a little buddy at home by my side?  12 years.  I can't talk about it.  We will make the most of these 14 days and every day that we have together.  Don't even get me started on Clayton having 5 more years until he graduates.  Nope.  I can't talk about it. 

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