Friday, August 7, 2015

Last week of summer

We have soaked in every minute of this week.  This is it.  I can't even talk about it. 

Monday the boys played at Renee's while I worked with a sweet friend.  Each time they play at Renee's I'm reminded that this will be one of the last times Andrew and Zachary play together.  They are each starting kindergarten and it hurts my heart a little to think about how much things are going to change for them. 
Once Stephanie and I finished working we met up at Emilee's school to decorate her door.  Honestly, is that not the cutest door you've ever seen?!?  Could anything welcome some sweet little first graders better??  (Stephanie and I also enjoyed a delicious lunch at Las Delicias...because we worked SO hard!!)
Tuesday we woke up for Fred's birthday!  He's 38.  What?!?  When did this happen?  Fred told me it happened one day at a time.  He must have gained that wisdom through his 38 years.  We sang happy birthday at breakfast and he opened some tri shorts from us.  Happy are some tri shorts.  After a morning of registering all three of our boys for school (more on that later) we met for lunch.  Fred paused for this picture in between phone calls.  I had a lovely lunch of Pad Thai and looking at Fred. 
Before lunch I went to all two different schools to register our boys.  The big boys were already over it and chose to stay home.  Andrew went with me b/c I thought we would meet his teacher.  We did not meet his teacher though.  He will go next Thursday with a small group and then I'll have a parent meeting on Friday where I find out who his teacher is.  This really is not a big deal to me.  Being new to this town I couldn't pick a single kindergarten teacher out of a line up.  Jack's teacher is a different story though.  I saw the name and went to meet her.  As it turns out, she is one of the two teachers that I know at the school.  She actually taught in 3rd grade last year.  I would see her in the hall when I volunteered.  I just about cried when I saw her.  Clayton's teachers are fine.  I know none of them either, except his chorus teacher. 

While I was at Clayton's school his new language arts teacher asked me if Clayton would mind reading a book and then reporting it back to the class.  Apparently, his teacher from last year recommended him for this task.  I smiled and agreed to this proposition, knowing that he still has not read his second required reading book.  I used my great experience with the grin and nod move.  Good times. 

When Fred came home from work he loaded up all our bikes for a ride down the greenline at Shelby Farms. 

We rode to High Point Pizza and met up with some friends.  As you can see I took the selfie stick.  We took a picture of everyone outside of the restaurant. 
Wednesday afternoon we met some friends at Shelby Farms to ride paddle boats.  I have no pictures from this event b/c I was so sweaty. Seriously, I was so sweaty
Andrew went for an eye appointment to check the progress.  He has improved to 20/30.  We are so proud.  As a reward for wearing his patch he got to make a dog at Build-A-Bear.  He could not be happier.  He named him Snuggles. 

While Mun, Janice and Mimi were here we ate at Central BBQ to celebrate the birthday boys. 

We also gave Aunt Janice some flowers for her birthday.

That night we all scattered.  Mimi stayed at home.  Fred, Jack, Andrew, and David (a friend staying with us) headed to Union Missions.  I met two friends at Swanky's Taco Shop for a much needed girl's night.  Clayton headed with Mawmaw and Pawpaw for his "birthday date".  They went to Dyer's for a delicious burger
Then they headed to Bass Pro Shop.  They even rode the elevator to the top.  Oh, and they bought fudge.  Yes, fudge.
Then they headed to Toy 'R Us for a Lego set.  What birthday would be complete without a Lego set?!?
On his actual birthday we woke up for our traditional donut breakfast. Then 12 friends came over for pizza, cake and putt putt. 
Delicious cake made by a precious man at our church. 
 Post putt putt.  It was hot and I think they were tired. 
 I know they were hot and tired because I asked them if they wanted to take a silly picture and they all unanimously said, "No!" and started walking off.  Ha!
Tonight we will go to Fred and Renee's and wrap up the birthday festivities with Fred's favorites...lasagna, salad, bread, and chocolate cheesecake.  Oh, chocolate cheesecake how I love you!

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