Saturday, August 1, 2015

Wait. Was this week supposed to be calm?!?

I thought when I started this week we were going to have a nice, relaxing week at home.  Wrong. 

Saturday night around bed time Andrew realized he left his night night at the hotel at Pickwick Lake.  After five phone calls I am happy to report it is in the mail headed this way.  I may or may not have teared up when housekeeping called me back to tell me they had found it.  He has asked for it every night since we left it.  I'm telling you I'm going to have to thing in a vault at the bank.  I feel like the Isrealites in the wilderness carrying the Ark of the Covenant.  Okay, so not that dramatic, but he does REALLY love that blanket.  We have a back up, but it's just not the same.  I'll post a picture when they are reunited. 

We are trying to throw in some last minute end of summer celebrations.  So, we headed to Huntingdon, Tennessee for Redneck Island.  Redneck Island (yes, that is the real name.) is a water playground, for lack of a better phrase.  It is pontoon boats stuck together floating on the lake.  Then in the roped off area there are slides, water trampolines, and various and sundry other things.  I basically listened to Andrew whine the entire time b/c he was scared and didn't like lake water.  I also had to hoist him up on several attractions.  I have no upper body strength so this was no small feat.  I have no pictures, but I did snap one at dinner.  We ate at Mallard's in Huntingdon and it did not disappoint.

My mom came in town for two days and we had a blast.  She wanted to take the boys shopping for clothes.  Do you know how difficult it is to take three boys clothes shopping?  I was once again reminded why internet shopping is my preference for them.  (Unless I'm at a thrift store, but I am always alone.)  At one point I looked at Jack and he was completely laid out on the floor of JC Penny.  Classic. 
We ate lunch at the mall, went to Kohl's, Incredible Pizza, Bricks and Figs (just C and Mimi.  it's a Lego store), and several other things.  One of the highlights was getting a selfie stick because we spent a certain amount of money at a store.  It has resulted in many family moments like these two...


They make me laugh every time.  Dash looks thrilled.  Who came up with the idea for a selfie stick?  They are too funny. 

I also cleaned out the boys' closet.  You may ask, "Why did you clean out their closet?  Is it time to switch clothes for the season?"  Oh no, my friend.  We are on set two of our summer clothes.  Two of my boys have changed sizes in one season.  What?!?  So...I spent one afternoon pulling out clothes that were too small. 

We have some sweet house guests that are staying with us in between houses.  They have the cutest dog.  She does not quite know what to do with the chaos that resides in our house.  One day I laid down on the couch for a minute and Madi (the dog) crawled up with me to enjoy 7 minutes of peace.  I think she loved it.
Friday my friend from Paris came to visit.  We walked the 6 mile trail at Shelby Farms and caught up.  I cannot tell you how good it was for my soul.  I think we could talk all day.  Our time together made my month.  After we got back from walking we headed to La Michoacana (Mexican ice cream store) to get some treats and then to Costco.  Fred and Jack went to the gym to swim, but the rest of us enjoyed our time at Costco.  We had so much fun we even took a picture. 
Saturday morning we woke up with just a small to-do list, so we headed to the Farmer's Market in the Cooper Young district and then to the one in downtown.  A good time was had by all, minus a dip in one child's blood sugar.  I got some heirloom tomatoes that I fully intend on turning into a Tomato Pie.  I haven't had one all summer and it's long overdue. 
Nine days and counting until school starts.  Boo.  We are soaking in every moment that we can.  I heart summer.

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