Sunday, August 30, 2015

This week

Everything has been pretty calm around here.  Right now we are in the sweet spot. Summer is not officially ended, but school has started.  Homework is minimal and sport seasons have not begun.  All of that changes next week.  Flag football practice we kick off (Get it??  Kick off!  I'm so punny.)  We'll see how things go...

When we moved from Paris I was sad on several different levels.  One of the reasons I was sad was because we were leaving a sweet, sweet family.  Clayton was friends with the brother.  And Andrew thought he was going to marry Ms. Liz.  When we left Paris Liz was in the 11th grade.  I held on to hope that she would come to college at the University of Memphis.  Low and behold she ended up at Memphis...and she showed up at Ellendale.  Yes, she did.  We took her to lunch and Andrew talked to her the entire time.  I really saw God come full circle and turn my sorrow into dancing.  We, as a family, can not adequately express our joy at having sweet Liz in town!

For several health reasons I've decided to try living gluten free.  I'm giving it two weeks.  But these coconut muffins.  Oh, these coconut muffins.  They will make anyone think gluten free a possibility.  You can find the recipe here.

Fred helped me with a little backpack storage this week.  I'm so excited about it.  I've been trying to find a spot for them and I FINALLY found one.  Yahoo!

A man came to our house to clean out our dryer vent.  (We have to do this once a year or so b/c we are on a slab.) Dash was beside himself.  I had to put him outside.  Even after I put him outside he still stood at the window like this...

It has been absolutely beautiful in Memphis this week.  The big boys wanted to ride bikes to the park.  Andrew's bike does not have training wheels on it anymore, but he can't quite ride it yet.  So, he had to ride his Rip Rider.  He talked the entire 3 mile trip.  I was up high on the bike and he was down low so he would stop and look up at me like this.  Other than almost running over him several times it was just about the sweetest thing ever. 

Friday I went to Paris for a little time with my running partner/BFF.  We hiked at Brittan Ford park and had the best time. This girl knows me and gets me.  I can not express what a refreshing renewal it is each time I get to be with her.  
 Is that not beautiful?  I could not believe it was in Paris, Tennessee.  I also could not believe I lived there for almost 10 years and did not know about this hidden treasure.
 Ace, Christy's dog, also got to come along with us.  I was going to take Dash, but then decided he's not really a good dog so this would not have been a good idea.  Ace is a trained duck hunter.  Perhaps he could have taught Dash a thing or two...
We cleaned up quickly and then headed to lunch to meet up with another BFF, Stacy.  Stacy also brought sweet Genevieve.  I am a little disappointed that I did not get a picture of us at lunch.  

I headed back in time for us to have dinner at a friend's house.  We really enjoyed ourselves.  BUT...before we met for dinner I ate a cupcake on the way home.  You see, I'm doing a little experiment with eating gluten free to see if it will affect my energy levels.  Before I jumped into this, though, I had to make sure I wasn't giving up cupcakes forever.  So I did was anyone would do.  I googled, "Who is Memphis sells gluten free cupcakes?"  Yes I did.  This is serious business.  I'm happy to report that Gigi's Cupcakes carries gluten free cupcakes.  I'm also happy to report that Aunt Janice had one waiting for me when I got to Jackson.  I was only going to eat a bite, but the next thing I knew the cupcake was gone and I was left with a empty.  That was the BEST cupcake I've ever had.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it a 12.  Amazing!  

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