Saturday, January 16, 2016

This week

Saturday mornings are going to be fun.  Andrew and Clayton have games at the exact time every Saturday morning through January and February.  Since Fred coaches Andrew I will take Clayton, which means I won't get to see Andrew (except last week) and Fred won't get to see Clayton play.  This parenting technique is called Divide and Conquer.  Fred and I may write a book about it.  We seem to do it all the time!

Jack has games at 12:15, so the entire family gets to participate.  He won his game this Saturday in a real nail biter.  He was so excited about the game beginning I though he might explode.
 Here he is after the game with his twin.
 His good friend from school is on his team this year and he's so excited!

Friday night we headed downtown for our final Christmas present...the Harlem Globetrotters.  They laughed and laughed and laughed. 
Before we went to the game we grabbed a delicious meal at Dyer's on Beale.  Man, was it good!
 Andrew got his first root beer float.  It's safe to say he really liked it!
As we started our week on Monday things got pretty exciting.  Jack fell from the top of the stairs to the bottom.  He hit every single step on the way down.  You have never heard such a racket.  He was laughing, we were laughing, he was crying, we were laughing.  He is fine, a little sore, but fine.  The rest of us, however, are still chuckling.
Clayton went to basketball practice on Tuesday night.  While there he fell backwards, landing on his wrist.  He told me it was sore, but when he woke up Wednesday morning I knew it was hurting.  We made an appointment at Campbell Clinic and quickly discovered that while the bone was not completely broken, it still required a cast.  This is our first cast with these three boys.  I think 12 years is a long streak.  But, I'm thinking the picture of Clayton playing basketball above may be our only picture this season.
Andrew has been through 2 pairs of glasses.  The first pair Dash ate.  The second pair just broke.  They just broke.  He broke them over Christmas, so it's taken a while to get them back in.  We just got them back in.  We got him a regular pair and a sport pair. He's a little cutie.

My father in law has been in the hospital this week, so my mother in law has not been able to keep my niece and nephew.  So, Friday they got to come stay with me.  Did I say niece and nephew?  I meant Spider Man and Nora.  Spider Man kept us safe as we drove through Memphis.  I'm sure everyone loved seeing us drive by.  

Since I had two toddlers I took them to McDonald's play place.  It brought back lots of memories of sweet friends in Paris when we used to go every Monday after story hour and be way too loud.  Some of my favorite memories of my children when they were younger are wrapped in this group of moms.  PS-The fries at McDonalds are still delightful.  The play place still smells like feet.  

Friday evening my boys had a men's event at church so, my friend and her dog came over.  We sat on the couch and talked and laughed at the two dogs playing together.  It looked like two toddlers playing.  I have laughed thinking about it.  

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