Saturday, January 30, 2016

This week

Saturday morning Fred and Renee brought the guys back.  Jack and Clayton's games were canceled, but Andrew played basketball.  Jack was pretty bummed, so I filmed this little video to cheer him up.

Saturday I had a soup exchange at my house.  What's a soup exchange? Well, you invite friends over to your house.  Ask them to bring 4 quarts of soup. When you leave you take 4 quarts of soup with you. Have I mentioned that I like soup?!?  I made chicken and wild rice.  I kept Vegetarian Tortilla, Buffalo Chicken Chili, Tomato Bisque, and Taco Soup.  Andrew thought this was a great plan!  
 On Monday I went to Jack and Andrew's school.  I read to both of their classes and then had lunch with them.  For some reason I did not get a picture of me with Andrew, but Jack was a good lunch buddy.  I learned a lot about the money that we waste on school lunches.  Mercy.

 I also learned that Jack is his class representative for self discipline.  Pretty sweet kid.

 Speaking of lunch...I had lunch with these three at Pyro's.  It was delightful.  Of course, the food was outstanding, but these girls are just great.  I love our time together. However, after looking at these pictures, it's official.  I am my dad.  The glare was hurting my eyes so bad I couldn't take a picture.  We tried three times.  Oh, the glare.

 In other news, Dash tried to get Jack to share his breakfast.

One day this week I deviated from my usual routine and had a treat at Starbucks.  I wish someone could have seen this 37 year old stuffing that warm muffin in my mouth.  It was delicious.  Until we meet again muffin and iced coffee...

It's a good thing I fueled up, because I found a massive desk for my friend at a thrift shop.  You can't see it all, but the desk is in the back of my van and sticking out. They could not legally tie down my back hatch, but they did give me some twine to tie it myself...which worked great until it broke right as I got off the interstate.  I'm happy to say, the desk made it to its new home and I made it home as well.  

The boys FINALLY got their passports!  Canada here we come!  Clayton will use his this summer when he and Fred go with our church to Honduras.  I'm so excited for them! (Please note, no cast for Clayton!  Yay!)

I take Clayton to school on Mondays and Fridays.  We leave the house at 6:45 am so I usually look like this.  Yes, those are my slippers.  I pray I never have to stop or have a wreck, but this is real life.  My mother would not approve of this ensemble, but after a brief poll of my friends I realized I'm not alone in my attire.

Typically by Friday night I am somewhere in this house comatose, but not this Friday night.  I was busy.  I was busy making cinnamon rolls.  Saturday morning is going to be epic!  Woohoo!