Saturday, February 27, 2016

This Week

After staying up until 1:30 am my 5:30 am alarm clock came early.  We had to leave early to get back for...wait for games.  Clayton's game was at 8:45 am.  We left Paris around 5:50 am with a smile on our faces and arrived just in time to play ball...after we stopped for gas and breakfast. 
All three boys had basketball games.  Saturday was Andrew's last game.  The big boys have two more. 
After being up so late, this little fella literally fell asleep in mid sentence.  Too sweet.  We were all pretty tired and called it an early night Saturday. 
Sunday we went to church, but the weather was pretty nice so that afternoon we headed to Shelby Farms for a little hiking.  Fred had a meeting at 4, so he and Andrew headed back after a little while, but Jack, Clayton and I did the entire 6 mile loop.  About four times during the hike Clayton said, "I don't remember seeing this."  And I calmly responded with, "That's because this hike is a loop."  He would say, "Oh yeah."  The fourth time he said it, I said, "IT'S A LOOP!!!"  We both started hysterically laughing and from then on he would comment about how he hadn't seen this before. It was too funny.

Sunday night I took sweet baby N and held him through the service.  That sweet little baby hand on his face is almost more than I can handle.

 Andrew is the Star of the Week and I'm pleased to say I got his poster made.  My skills with some tape and a Sharpee know no limits. 

Tuesday I had a meeting at a restaurant.  When the meal is over they bring fruit and it's always pretty, but it's not ever been this pretty.  I'm not usually one to take a picture of my food, but this was too cute for a Tuesday.  
 Tuesday night Clayton had his last basketball practice.  His coach asked for parents and siblings to come so Jack and I joined him on the court.  Everyone played with basically no rules.  It was really fun.  I even broke a sweat. 
Wednesday morning Fred and I go to boot camp early.  We were running around the perimeter of the gym and he was getting too close to me.  Well, he started messing with me and getting closer and closer...until...he tripped me.  He tripped me. In the middle of the gym with 30 people watching...I fell flat on my hiney.  I told him flowers would be appropriate.  I have yet to see a flower.  Ha! 

 Thursday Andrew had an eye appointment in Germantown.  The big boys did not want to go, so it was just me and Andrew.  This sweet boy was in the back seat and pretty quiet when he said, "Mom, I really like being with you."  Be still my heart.  I just about cried.  Sweetest thing ever. 

Friday of Andrew's star of the week festivities Fred and I got to read to his class, share some muffins, and eat lunch with him.  He had us all to himself and he talked and talked and talked.  He also got a really sweet book from his classmates telling what they love about him.  He has read it several times.  

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