Saturday, February 6, 2016

This week

Saturday morning found us at the basketball court again, but before we left everyone fueled up on carbs and sugar.  Yum!
 With three boys playing basketball...well 2 since Clayton's arm/cast incident...we spend the majority of our Saturday mornings at the basketball court.  Good times.
 As a special treat I got to meet my friend at Muddy's bake shop.  I enjoyed a piece of chocolate cake with peanut butter icing.  Yum!  I wanted a cold coffee instead of hot coffee.  They had this cold brew.  Guess what I paid for it?!?  Six dollars.  Six.dollars.  Can you believe that?  Muddy's is delicious.  The cold brewed coffee was divine.  But six dollars?  I told Fred we are clearly in the wrong line of work.  We should have a cold brew coffee company.
Andrew's buddy, Ray, had a 60th birthday party.  We celebrated with his family and several people from church.  We tried to get a picture of them together, but Ray was very interested in the balloon.  Happy birthday to Ray!
Monday Clayton had an honor roll party at the bowling alley.  I chaperoned AND I got a picture with the honor roll honoree.

Friday morning it was 36 degrees outside and sunny.  It was delightful and it was a run day.  I put on some cold weather gear and headed out.  
While I was running the grandparents were here for Grandparent's Day at Jack and Andrew's school.  They had the best time!  I'm so thankful the boys have such a great support system. 

My mom and dad had to come in Thursday night since the festivities started at 7 am.  We went to Captain D's for dinner.  Andrew took his blanket with him in the car b/c he hit his head right before we left the house.  When we got to Captain D's Andrew asked mom to please lock the car because his blanket was in there.  Ha!  Yes, lock the car for the blanket.  

 Friday morning the PTO at Clayton's school treated the teachers to a "Soup" er bowl party.  We are so pleased with the schools that the boys attend.  Clayton's middle school is top notch.
 Speaking of his middle school...they hosted a trivia night on Friday night.  Clayton brought a friend so we called our team Colin and the Shackelfords.  We came in 4th place and had a blast.  If you are ever on a trivia team you want Fred on your team.  Just sayin...

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