Friday, May 13, 2016

This week

Rain landed us at home Saturday morning! Hooray!  It's like a snow day.  It's all things wonderful...until we are making up these games in July.  Yikes.  What I need to say is that Fred and I stayed in bed until 8:00 am.  I don't think we've done that since 2003.  It was all things wonderful.

I headed to a prayer shower around 10:00am and then Fred performed a wedding and I attended.  Hello spring.  Hello weddings.

Jack and his buddy conspired signed up for an OPTIONAL science fair project.  Please note the word optional.  I really think they just wanted to get together and hang out, but whatever.  They worked on the project Friday afternoon and then Jack spent the evening with L to finish it out.

These are the instructions they typed out.  I love the last sentence...just watch YouTube.  Classic. 
 After finishing the project they were able to go to the zoo.  They love spending time together. 

I had a bridal tea and a going away party to attend Sunday afternoon.  Then we had a choir favorites program that night.  Mimi, Mun and Janice attended and then my boys convinced them to go to Sonic.  Mawmaw, Pawpaw and the Moulders joined us.  I have no pictures of this event, which ai blame on all the activities going on.

Monday morning Clayton wanted scrambled eggs with his peanut butter bar.  He told me, "I want them to be not gooey and not stuck to the pan."  I really have no idea what that meant, but I know I was never so nervous as I was when making those eggs.  Goodness.  It was such a tricky order I took a picture of the final product. 

Monday night soccer practice was canceled.  Yahoo!  I did have a meeting though, so no rest for the weary.
Andrew came down with this shirt on one day this week.  Fred and I found it very ironic since he is not competitive.  It said, "If you're in second place you're last."  When we asked him about it he said, "I know.  Second place is first loser."  That boy.  I think he's been listening to his brothers.  Ha!

This sweet fourth grader came in third place in a 24 math contest at his school.  What's a 24 contest?  I'm so glad you asked.  You have to come up with as many ways to get to 24 by using four numbers.
1 x 2 x 3 x 4=24
12 x 1 x 2 x 1=24
8 + 5 + 5 + 6 = 24
But you have to do it in a competition format.  He got third place out of his entire grade (10 or so classes) and we were thrilled for him.  
 He asked me to come to lunch with him, so I did.  Sweet boy.  He just talked my ear off.
Friday Clayton and Fred left for a choir trip in St. Louis.  Clayton was gone until Sunday, but Fred came back late Saturday night.  I think they had lots of fun and Clayton's choir did great.

Jack was at a friend's house and Andrew had a birthday party.  I was all set to have a few hours to myself, but I forgot kindergarten parents stay at birthday parties.  Andrew asked me what I was going to do while everyone was away and he said, "I feel bad for you.  You are going to be alone."  Bless his heart.  He doesn't know me at all. 

Saturday Andrew had soccer. After soccer Jack went home with Mr. Fred to help in his yard.  Since Fred and Clayton were gone it was just me and Andrew, so I decided we needed to go to the Greek Festival.  When you are the only child you get to have lots of fun at a festival...even if you are not sure what a festival is.

Dash was very stressed with everyone being gone.  So he ate my shoe and an entire loaf of sweet bread that I bought at the Greek festival.  An entire loaf...I would have a picture of that, but he ate it all.  Every bit of it...even the plastic bag.  Yes, he did. 

This is Dash trying to say he was sorry.  It didn't work.  
On Mother's day we had to divide and conquer.  We went to Jackson to see my mom and Fred stayed in Memphis with his mom and to pick up Clayton from his trip. 

Jack had a baseball game and Mimi and Tee came to watch.  Jack was the catcher and he did a great job.  The score was tied and Jack had a great hit, which ran in two runs.  He was thrilled.  Thrilled to win.  Thrilled that he hit in the winning runs.  And thrilled that Tee was there to watch.  It was a good night. 
 Clayton had field day on Thursday.  They got it in before the rain hit.  I was hoping to get by to see field day, but because of the rain they finished up early.  I did get to eat lunch with Clayton...which was a first. 
 As part of my mother's day present I have 24 hours to myself.  I got a hotel room and a bag of Goldfish.  It was epic. 

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