Saturday, April 30, 2016

This week

Saturday morning we were at the soccer fields again.  My friend and I took a selfie.  You have never heard grown ups yell more enthusiastically from the sideline.  We have a great time each Saturday at the soccer fields.

 While I was with Andrew at the soccer fields, Fred took Jack to our final Saturday of Bible drill.

After lunch it was Clayton's turn for Bible drill.  Fred, me, Janice, Mun, and Renee went to cheer him on.
Pawpaw took Jack to baseball practice.  As soon as the drill was over Fred and I left for a wedding, a nice dinner, and quiet evening at home.  Thank goodness for our village that kept up with the crew.
While we were at the wedding, we had a blast.  I'm not sure I've ever had more fun visiting with a table during a reception.  Then later we enjoyed an evening a nice dinner at Fleming's and a quiet evening at home. 
Sunday night the boys participated in a program at church.  It was about the battle of Jericho.  It was too precious.  Andrew kept us laughing the entire time with his facial expressions, entrances at the wrong time, and costume malfunctions.  Clayton had a speaking part and Jack had a small solo.  It was just precious.  I'm still smiling this morning as I think about it.

 Mawmaw, Pawpaw, Mimi and Tee came to see the production.  Mawmaw and Pawpaw had a previous commitment after the play, but Mimi and Tee were more than willing to take this crew to Sonic.  Milkshakes for everyone!
Tuesday night Mun, Janice, Mimi, Tee, and Fred and Renee all came to cheer on Jack at his baseball game.  His team lost and he didn't get to pitch.  It was not Jack's favorite night, but he did enjoy his fan club!

At some point during the week I made these Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake Brownies (Her brownies are made with a gluten free mix, but you don't have to do that unless it's necessary for your health.  I just used a plain ole brownie mix...and added a handful of chocolate chips.  How could that hurt?!?) by Maebells.  Do yourself a favor and make them tonight! 
Thursday night Jack had a double header.  Mimi and Tee came back and got to see Jack pitch.  His team lost both games...again.  Jack was really bummed, but he was happy that Mimi and Tee were there. 

Since the end of school is approaching...not quickly enough...the teachers at Clayton's school are getting a little extra from the PTO Chair of Inspiration.  We provided an Iced Coffee Bar for them on Friday.  It was super easy and very much appreciated.  

 And then Friday night the party continued as I met a friend at Costco to do our monthly shopping trip.  Then while we were there we ran into another friend.  So fun!  Since we didn't take kids we were able to linger at the VitaMix display.  Have you seen that thing?  Man, I love it!  My friend even left with one. 


Lux G. said...

Oh, look at all those smiles! Everybody had so much fun in every activity. What an active, happy family. The world needs more of you. :)

Lora said...

What a fun and full week you have had! I remember the busy days when our children were younger. Bible drill was one of our activities too. Bless you! And thank you kindly for stopping By The Lamp Light and leaving kind words! Bless you!