Tuesday, May 31, 2016

This week

We started this week with three award's day programs.  We had to divide and conquer on Monday.  Fred went to Clayton's and I went to Andrew's.  Andrew's program was beyond precious.  

 Then on Wednesday we were both able to go to Jack's program.  I felt certain he would take the award for the tallest 4th grader ever, but it turns out that they don't have an award for that.
They all had great years.  On the last day of school this was the lunch packed by my middle son.  At this point in the year I didn't even care.  In case you're wondering, Jack packed cheese and crackers, peanut butter and crackers, chocolate covered pretzels, and two sticks of beef jerky.  Yep, lunch of champions.

Thursday afternoon we picked up Andrew at school (the big boys did not go) and greeted him with a little silly string.  He was so funny...and surprised!

Friday we went to Incredible Pizza to celebrate the last day of school.  That place is incredible!  They even have an indoor roller coaster now.  It's great.  Andrew wanted to ride it.  Fred and I did rock, paper, scissors to determine to had to got to ride with Andrew.  The roller coaster itself was not bad.  It was the spinning seat that got me.  Twenty four hours later and my head still wasn't right.  In fact, just thinking about it makes me feel queasy.  Man, we're getting old.

Early Saturday morning Fred and Clayton left for Honduras.  By early I mean 3:30 am.  I'm not sure I fully processed saying goodbye to my best friend and oldest child until I was standing in my kitchen hugging them.  I was not quite prepared for the moment.  Umm...it was a lot to process at 3:30 am.

When I came back to bed I left the bedroom door open.  Dash assumed his protector role.  He literally sleeps on top of my when Fred is gone.  Literally.  It's a good time.  Just kidding.  It's awful.  Dash takes his protector role seriously when Fred is gone.  Andrew likes to get in my bed and talk as well.  It's a lot of activity for 6:00 am on a Saturday.

 Dash was so distraught that they were gone that he buried himself in a pile of their clothes for several hours.

With Fred and Clayton gone we loaded up and headed to Jackson.  It seemed like the perfect time for a little RandR at my parent's house.  Andrew totally embraced it by jumping feet first into summer.
Jack embraced the weekend with swimming and a little peanut butter pie.
Even though I really don't want to talk about it, Jack will be double digits in June.  My parents decided to celebrate his birthday before we left.  There were donuts.
 Mexican for lunch, complete with the big hat.
 And more presents...Those are basketball shoes.  They are a men's 11.  Yes, a men's 11.  I can't even process it.
 There was a trip to Sky Zone, a dollar bill scavenger hunt, and then there was ice cream cake.  All in all I'd say it was one of Jack's top ten favorite birthdays!
We all came home to celebrate Memorial day with a few friends and then Jack started baseball camp at Arlington High School.  Andrew had an eye doctor appointment.  So basically our first real day off school was spent with me dropping children off and picking them up.  Who cares though!  We ate breakfast at 7:45 am and usually all kids are out of the house by that time.  Yeah for summer!

Because of the eye appointment, Andrew had to wear some super cool glasses.  We did go to Costco for our monthly shopping trip.  It was epic.

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