Saturday, October 29, 2016

Andrew's birthday week

Andrew's birthday was Wednesday.  He is now 7.  7.  I cannot wrap my head around this.  He is the sweetest 7 year old you could ever meet.  My heart jumps out of my chest when I see him. I could eat him up I love him so. 

 We celebrated that morning with donuts.
 Then I took lunch to two different schools.  He picked Taco Bell.  His good friend was eating at the same time, so we motioned for him to come over and join us.  Luckily, Andrew and Jack's lunch times overlap.  It is delightful.
 Wednesday was another dress up day.  Andrew got to dress up as his favorite book character, which was Avery from Charlotte's Web.
I took a cake to church Wednesday night since we didn't get to officially party that night.  The cake only said Happy Birthday.  When I showed the cake to Andrew, thinking he would be thrilled, he said, "Why is my name not on the cake.  I guess it will be a mystery as to who this cake belongs to."  (His exact words!)  Killing me...he wasn't being ugly, just matter of fact.  Too funny.
 Thursday he dressed as someone from the Wild Wild West...aka a cowboy.
 Then Friday, he got to dress for his future career.  He would like to be a SWAT team member.
 After school, we grabbed a couple of friends and headed to Incredible Pizza to celebrate Andrew's birthday.  It was like the perfect storm.  We got there on a Friday afternoon, paid lunch prices, and had a coupon for the games.  We even managed the beat the crowds.  We had the place to ourselves.  It was awesome...quite possibly the best birthday party ever.  Yeah!
 Saturday morning we only had one sporting event.  Glory!  Jack is the only one still playing flag football.  He was in it to win it.  He was up and dressed at 6:30 am.  His game was not until 10:15 am.

 All of these people came to cheer Jack on.  He grinned the entire time.  Of course, it didn't hurt that his team won the game.  Having all of his people there to cheer him on was the icing on the cake.

Enjoy these videos of Jack doing what he loves best...

He doesn't connect with the receiver here, but he does have a great throw.  You'll be able to find him.  He's the tallest kid on the field.

Here he has a little spin move and then connects with his player for the extra point.

After the game, all of our people came to the house to celebrate Andrew's family party.  We had chili, grilled hot dogs, and brownie sundaes.  It was an epic day!  If anyone is counting, that's three parties for Andrew.  Next year, the grown ups will be having three celebrations on our birthdays.  It seems to be lots of fun.
Man, I love these guys.

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Lux G. said...

Happy birthday to your little man. How adorable. And the food are making me hungry.