Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This week

Clayton has been having a lot of homework this year.  One day last week, he got home at 3:45 and worked until 7:45 on homework...not a project, just homework.  I'd like to go on record and say, "I do not like or agree with homework."  He sure does look grown up sitting here though. 
 My uncle sent me a picture of myself at Andrew's age.  I'd say we look alike, even down to our crooked smile.  At least one out of the three looks like me.

Jack and Andrew's school has an event each year called the Ram Run.  For those of you reading and not familiar with the Ram Run, let me give you a run down.  The PTO asks for pledges and then your child gets to go to a party based on how much money they raise.  The day of Ram Run, each grade goes outside to run around the school building.  What you should read here is that I write a check and the kids get to go to a Sock Hop.  It's the easiest fund raiser ever because of suckers like me.

So last Friday Fred and I stood outside while Jack's grade and Andrew's grade ran around the building.  We cheered our boys on and marveled at how much Jack looks and runs like Fred.
Here's Jack with his buddies.

Here's Andrew with his buddy...
 Andrew's class...
 Jack running just.like.Fred.

 I have on a wedge, but honestly, do we not look like the tallest people ever?!?  There was no winner at Ram Run, but Jack participated like he was in it to win it.  We could not have picked a better afternoon to stand outside and watch our children run around the building.

After the Ram Run, I headed to Jackson for a women's conference where I was a break our session leader.  Hopefully, my speaking skills were better than my selfie skills.  Yikes.
 Take two was a little better.  These ladies around me are just precious to me.  We served with them 15 years ago at a church in Jackson.  Spending the weekend with them was such an honor.

Speaking of being the tallest people ever...I mean, how tall do I look in this picture?  Goodness.

There was a tower of cupcakes at the conference.  I don't think I need to say anything else.
This week has been Red Ribbon Week at school, which means all three boys have had the option to dress up.  Each day has a theme.  Andrew is all over this!  Monday was "Dress for the Red Carpet Day".  I think Andrew looks like a Blues Brother, but he was pleased with his look, so we went with it. 

 After dressing up Andrew and getting everyone out the door for school, Dash and I went on a quick run.  The goal is to treat Dash like a toddler and absolutely wear him out so he won't have the energy to do anything naughty.  He looks pretty tired here, right??  He was.
 Here's Andrew with his buddy on Red Carpet Day.
 Monday night Fred had a church meeting.  There were food trucks present.  The boys and I stayed for the food, we did not stay for the meeting.  Honestly, can anything top BBQ fries?!?  I think one should just go home after eating that.  It will be down hill from there.
 Tuesday of Red Ribbon Week was dress like the 90's.  Jack questioned my ability to know what people dressed like in the 90's.  I presented him with Exhibit A, B, and C.

Exhibit A...Who would not love this sweet couple from 1997?  I'm not sure what we were doing, but we were nailing the 90's.  Note my plaid shirt under the fleece jacket...not pull over...jacket. I bought it at the GAP and loved it.

Exhibit B...I'm wearing overalls and athletic tennis shoes (Please note I was not a runner.  These were simply aesthetic.)

And finally, Exhibit C...Fred's fraternity from 1996.
So yeah, I think we showed 90's day who was boss.

 There are more dress up days and I'm sure I'll have the updates.  Andrew will participate in every.single.day.

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