Tuesday, October 4, 2016

This week

In the three years that we've been in Bartlett, God has given me some great friends.  Some of those friends meet up every day at carpool.  Every now and then we are all together, in a row.  This picture doesn't include my sweet friend that was actually snapping this photo, but it just makes me smile. I love these girls and I love that we get to do life together.
One morning this week, Jack was eating breakfast and Dash was trying to help him.  Dash does not know that Jack does not share food.
Saturday morning was an exciting day.  Jack started the day bright and early at a triathlon.  Fred and our good friend Kenny volunteered to help with the bike portion.
Jack did a swim, a bike, and then a run.  He grinned the entire time.  He got second place in his age division and smiled even bigger.  He loved every minute.

 When did this child get this tall?!?
 Jack and his friend competed together.

After the triathlon, I headed home to get Andrew for flag football.  Andrew and I headed there while Fred waited on the awards with Jack.  He then got Clayton and Jack and headed to the soccer field for Clayton's game.  Andrew actually had two games.  We weren't able to stay for both games because I had a bridal shower to attend of a precious friend that's getting married this weekend.  Since we have three children and only two parents, Andrew got to go with me to the shower.  He thoroughly enjoyed himself.  I mean, who doesn't like shower food?!?

After the shower, Andrew and I headed back to the flag football field just in time to watch Jack march the ball down the field for a touchdown.  It made my day.  He connected every pass, every run, every hand off, and he grinned the entire time.  Oh, that boy's smile.  It gets me every time.  

After our morning we headed to Fred and Renee's for lunch to celebrate Fred's grandad's birthday.  And then we headed home to await the arrival of our friends, The Cains. We were surprised to discover that Jack is now taller than Melody. 

Caleb spoke at our church Sunday morning about El Ayudante.  Before we left we grabbed a quick photo of everyone.  

It was a crazy weekend, but I wouldn't change it any bit of it!  I love these people.  I love Caleb's vision.  I'm so thankful for the generosity of our church.  Together, with other churches and organizations, we were able to scholarship many students in Honduras.

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